Gaza – A New Chapter In The Sorry Book Of The Palestinians.

If I was amongst the leadership of the Palestinians, I would celebrate less and worry more.

Ariel Sharon is in the process of giving the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians enough rope with which to secure their dream. Or with enough rope to hang themselves. Their choice.

Personally, I think the Arabs will take this rope, wrap it into a noose, place it around their collective necks, and swing in the wind like musical chimes playing a dirge.

As one Israeli politician said many years ago: The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. And they won’t fail to do so now.

While it is absolutely true that the world has sent billions of dollars to the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians for the purpose of building their infrastructure, it is no less true that the Palestinians have squandered virtually all of it.

The Palestinian leadership; past and present are thugs, thieves, liars, cheats and cutthroats. They have stolen from the generosity of the world, and have withheld a viable future from their people.

While Palestinian leadership types drive luxury automobiles and live in fine homes, their people are lucky to have donkey-carts and live in concrete hovels.

While the Palestinian elitists travel the world like visiting royalty stuffing their faces with gourmet food, their people are too poor to travel beyond their neighborhoods and are happy to eat basic Middle East staples.

This is how it was, and how it is now. Imagine though, what it will be like after the Israelis leave Gaza?

Imagine how the competing groups of Palestinian thugs, thieves, liars, cheats and cutthroats will fight over this massive prize left behind by Israel. They’ll be like junkyard dogs fighting for a fetid hunk of meat on a rotting bone.

Hamas has already laid claim to this turf. But so have Hezbollah and their Iranian and Syrian masters. And what about Al Qaeda? You can bet your falafel that Al Qaeda will find their way into Gaza.

Then there’s the multitude of “conventional” Palestinian groups who will be vying for the largest chunk of this rotted flesh.

For the Palestinians who live in Gaza and want to live in peace, they have a problem. As soon as the Israelis leave Gaza, it will become a vicious battle-zone between competing gangs.

And unlike the Israelis, these gangs will do whatever it takes to conquer this turf for themselves. Much more Palestinian blood will be shed by Palestinians upon Palestinians, than the Palestinians ever experienced by the hand of Israel.

And then there will be the Israeli counter attack.

If Gaza becomes a TERRORIST launching pad against Israel, or the international headquarters for TERROR Inc, Israel will be back, and they’ll be back with a vengeance.

But this time there will be no Settlers for Israel to worry about. There will be no infrastructure for Israel to consider. There will only be an identifiable enemy for Israel to take out with full prejudice.

If I was amongst the leadership of the Palestinians, I would celebrate less, and worry more. They are about to reap the whirlwind they’ve sown.

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  1. Bravo Howard. Great editorial.
    Also one thought you brought to mind – How is it women can demand for abortion issues that it is their bodies and men have no right or place giving input or opinions, but the same women also conversely (and conveniently) argue when they get pregnant that a man was there and shares just as much responsibility as the woman. Typical lefty contrary arguments for whatever suits the cause, I guess.

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