There Are No Mistakes When World Leaders Speak.

Not mentioning Israel, but specifying Palestine was no mistake. This is what the world thinks of Israel and Jews.

This past week highlighted what the world thinks of Jews and Israel.

In a sermon delivered by Pope Benedictine XVI this past week, he made it clear how repulsed he and the Catholic Church are to the notion of TERRORIST attacks. And in his speech, he named the recipient victim countries of such evil.

He named them all . . . All but Israel.

Yesterday, July 26, 2005, Tony Blair, Britain’s Prime Minister declared that there is neither an excuse nor any rationale for people to murder in their quest for political, social and/or religious pursuits.

He too named the countries that have fallen victim to such TERRORIST attacks. And just like the Pope, he never included Israel. But unlike the Pope, he included Palestine.

What was Tony Blair thinking?

1) There is no country called Palestine.

2) There have been no TERROR attacks on the region defined as Palestine or against the people who call themselves Palestinian.

3) It is the so-called Palestinians who are the modern fathers of TERRORISM.

4) There have been more TERRORIST attacks in the name of Palestine and Palestinians against ISRAEL in the space of just any week during the Intifada, than there has been against the entire world collectively.

How could Tony Blair, who is so smart and worldly make such a mistake?

He couldn’t.

Not mentioning Israel, but specifying Palestine was no mistake. This is what the world thinks of Israel and Jews.

When men such as Pope Benedictine XVI and Prime Minister Tony Blair make public utterances, there is no room for error or misinterpretation. Every word that comes out of their mouths is measured and crafted for a specific effect.

This was not lost on me. Nor should it be lost on you.

As I wrote on July 14, 2005 “A Tale Of Two Murderous Attacks”, I will state this once again:

In the War On Terror – ISRAEL IS ALL ALONE.

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  1. there is a solid opportunity here for Arab nations to partner with Israel against a common threat. Islamo Fascism. Looking offer a back channel to speak with is a real possibility. Peres said on Charlie Rose last night that the Palestinian security forces were co-operating with Shin Bet on many levels to find the 3 teens.

    Of course this course of action should only represent one avenue. The ultimate goal is peace. Israel is and has always been ready. But they have never had a true partner.

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