It’s Enough Apologizing Already.

Whatever happened to the USA that built an empire like none before? Where have all the Ten Foot Tall American Giants gone?

America must stop apologizing for America’s success to an underachieving and envious world.

Americans have got to stop naval-gazing, trying to figure out why Islamists hate the USA, and why so few countries are there to support the USA in their time of need.

Who cares why these backward Islamist savages hate America? And screw the rest of the world who call upon the USA when the dirty work has to be done, but treats America with disdain otherwise.

George W Bush was berated before becoming President because he didn’t know the name of some second-rate national leaders including Canada’s Prime Minister, Jean Chretien.

Why should he have known their names?

Like President George W Bush said before he was elected. I might not know all of their names, but after I’m elected, they’ll all know mine.

When America was on the fast-track to becoming the greatest nation in modern time, it wasn’t because the Americans gave a damn about what the rest of the world thought or had to say. It wasn’t because America was a sensitive nation worried about hurting the feelings of under-achievers.

America became the world power in everything because they only saw the road ahead, and getting there was all that was important.

During the first two centuries of the USA, men who stood Ten Feet Tall tamed the Wild West, built skyscrapers and exported their genius throughout the world.

They didn’t say please may I. They didn’t ask for approbation before taking risks and moving mountains. THEY JUST DID IT!

And when another country felt lucky enough to challenge or take-on the USA, the Americans didn’t sit around thinking how they could keep out of a confrontation. They simply kicked ass.

Whatever happened to the USA that built an empire like none before? Where have all the Ten Foot Tall American Giants gone?

Why have the American Left castrated the country that is the envy of the world? And why have the American people let them do it?

I hate the social policies of George W Bush. I fear the American Religious Right almost as much as I do the Islamists. And I abhor the power and arrogance of American big business.

But all of that said: I fear the American Left (self-apologists) even more. The Ted Kennedy’s of the US government suck the pride and confidence (that made America great) right out from the heart and soul of the American people.

The Jimmy Carter’s of America convinced an entire generation of Americans that they aren’t any better than anyone else on this planet. And he showed the world how soft America’s military resolve can be when push came to shove.

Instead of beating Iran into a different time zone after the Mullahs took America hostage for more than a year, Carter simply did nothing but look like a lost lamb wondering in a forest full of wolves.

And when Carter finally authorized a rescue, it was too little too late, and ended in a horrible disaster showing the enemies of the USA and the Free World just how pathetic America can be when their noses are rubbed in it.

Reagan saved the day.

Ronald Reagan took office like a Cruise Missile finds its target. Iran knew exactly what to expect from Reagan if they didn’t free the American hostages, so they did.

Grenada flirted with Communism. Goodby Communists in Grenada.

And the Soviet Union’s Evil Empire also knew what to expect from President Ronald Reagan. “Mr Gorbachev: Tear Down That Wall”. And down the wall came.

No one screwed with the USA while Reagan wore the marshal’s badge. And instead of apologizing, Reagan’s America did what had to be done without worrying what the rest of the world thought.

I didn’t like Ronald Reagan then. But I adore his memory today. I won’t ever like the social policies of George W Bush. But I will be forever thankful that there was a Texas Cowboy in the White House when the world needed a gunslinger the most.

Stop apologizing America, and just do what has to be done. And for the sake of the Free World; once again become the country that set the standard for the whole world to follow.

Stop worrying what the Do-Nothing countries of the world think of you. And think less of what the bigger Do-Nothings from the American far left have to say.

And if in doubt: Just remember Jimmy Carter. And then think of Ronald Reagan.

Remember the American Hostages in Iran. And then think back to the images of the Berlin Wall being taken apart with sledge-hammers and the bare hands of a people who were finally free.

And then just feel good about America and being American. It’s as easy as that.

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  1. Howard, why doesn’t Canada just say to the French “Go to Hell”…? Like we Americans did to the English? Then you wouldn’t have certain cities having to speak French and have French signs there? Just another “random thought”!

    Ps: Happy belated Canada Day.

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