How Americans I met See The Islamic War On Modernity.

Here I was in the USA defending American Foreign Policy from American detractors. How's that for irony?

I was astounded by the number of people who hate George W Bush, and blame him specifically for the war Islam has declared upon Modernity.

What is more remarkable, is that the people I have just referred to in the preceding are educated middle to upper income Americans.

Anne and I have just returned from one of our Horse Camping getaways at Lake Luzerne New York State Park, just North of Lake George, where we met and spoke with many Americans.

Several issues were of great interest to me.

Not one of the people we spoke with had an inkling where Ottawa (Canada’s Capital) was. They heard of Montreal, but had no idea of Ottawa.

I’m certain they all knew about Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, and other national capitals. But Ottawa: Not a clue.

I have no doubt that it says a great deal more about Canada, than it does about the Americans. Why should Americans know anything about such an ineffectual country’s capital?

After-all; what has Canada done to earn international recognition since the end of World War II?

The other issue that bothered me was the Islamist War on Modernity Blame-Game. EVERY person I spoke with blamed Bush for causing the hatred the West feels from Islam.

They blamed Bush for 9/11 and the continuing TERRORIST threat from the Moslem world.

But when I pointed out that the first Moslem attack on the World Trade Center was in 1993 under Clinton, as were the Moslem attacks on the two US Embassies in East Africa, the downing of the Black Hawk helicopter in Moslem Somalia, the Khobar Towers bombing in Moslem Saudi Arabia, and the attack on the USS Cole by Moslems once again, their answer was silence with a quick return to the “Root Cause”.

Here’s what they told me as if by rote:

America doesn’t take the time to understand other cultures. America gets rich from the poorer nation’s and gives nothing back. America is only concerned with America. And so on and so on and so on.

Here I was in the USA defending American Foreign Policy from American detractors. How’s that for irony?

I asked the most basic questions about Islam’s War on Modernity:

Have you ever read the Koran? Have you ever heard one of thousands of anti-West, anti-American, anti- Israel (Jewish) hate-speeches that are spewed every day in just about every radical Mosque around the world?

What part of a culture that teaches how it is right and proper to beat one’s wife is acceptable? Or what part of glorifying the suicide murder of one’s own son who has killed himself to kill others do you support?

What does the West, Israel and Modernity have to do the with Arab on Arab massacres, and Moslem on Moslem massacres that take place just about everywhere in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia?

To hear more about what I and Robin Adair of Victoria, British Columbia think about these issues, tune into Radio On Galganov Dot Com simply by Clicking the Radio Button at the Top Right of this Page.

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  1. You said it all as usual. It is larger than this. My post:
    In my likely, uninformed, attitude, Israel has used amazing restraint in trying to get along with its neighbors. Israel wins conflicts and then gives back won territory, only to be attacked from that area. I can’t fathom what they have endured in order to accommodate those whose goals are to eradicate all those of the Hebrew faith or heritage.

    Then: Agenda 21:

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