A Tale Of Two Murderous Attacks

There is a second war most of us don't want to consider. and perhaps to me and others like me (Jews), this second war is even more frightening.

Islam is the Jewish peoples new Nazi HORROR.

Just like much of the world blamed the Jews for World War II, much of the world will blame the Jews for Islam’s War Against Modernity, Democracy and the Secular Rule of Law.

On July 7, 2005, several men who were British Islamists blew up three subway trains and a double decker bus, killing more than 50 people while injuring hundreds of others in London England.

These were suicide murderers willing to kill themselves and as many others as they could in the name of Allah. At least two of the murderers were British born Moslems.

On July 12, 2005, 4 Jews were murdered, and many more injured by a suicide murderer in Netanya Israel.

For the TERROR attack in London: the entire world sent their condolences.

The scheduled G8 meeting in Scotland was suspended for a day. And every nation pledged whatever support was needed to hunt-down those responsible and bring them to justice.

On July 14, 2005 (today), all of Europe stood still and silent for a moment to pay their respects to London’s TERROR victims.

For the TERROR attack in Israel: there was no show of sympathy from the outside world, or respect for Israel’s dead. And no one stood in silence or pledged to hunt-down the people (Islamists) responsible for the Jewish killings.

When some people in the world (me included) make the statement that war has been declared on Modernity, Democracy and the Secular Rule of Law by Islamists, we are not totally correct.

There is a second war most of us don’t want to consider. and perhaps to me and others like me (Jews), this second war is even more frightening.

While it is indeed true that Islamists will use all means at their disposal, including TERRORISM to spread their religion and belief-system at the cost of ALL OTHERS:


It seems to me that we Jews are mostly on our own in the battle against Islamic TERRORISM through the indifference of the rest of the world.

Why else would the world be so concerned about the TERROR bombing in London, and so absolutely nonchalant about the exact same type of attack (in principle) in Israel?

In 1972, when Palestinian TERRORISTS murdered Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games, the world body didn’t skip a beat. The games continued just as if the Israeli athletes and their coaches were never there.

33 years later – nothing has changed.

Jews have stood alone on this planet as an identifiable people for 5766 years. And during this span of history, we have been attacked by everyone with the capacity to do so. And we have been hated by people who have never met us.

Even now, where the whole world is under siege from Islam, Jews are left not only to fend for ourselves, but to fight back with one hand tied behind our backs.

The international Media, including the Wire Services like AP, UPI and Reuters; and News Networks like CNN, BBC and CBC; not to mention most of the planet’s Print Media are incredibly hostile to Israel, whom in their relentless pursuit will one day convince the world that there is a connection between Islam’s War of the World and Israel.

Get rid of Israel, and you’ll get rid of the “root cause”. No more Israel, no more Islamic war against Modernity, Democracy and the Secular Rule of Law.

Even today, an astounding number of people around the planet still blame Jews for the Second World War. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine the world laying the blame for global Islamic violence at the feet of Israel which includes slightly less than half of the planet’s 13 MILLION Jews.

It is important to realize that there are two wars being waged. One is the war to protect all of us from Islam. The other is to protect Israel and Jews from Islam and our so-called friends.

The question is: Which is more dangerous?

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