The First Week’s Been Interesting

In general, the feed-back which I've received has been terrific.

This was my first complete week of broadcasting at Galganov Dot Com. And it’s been interesting.

From day-one, I’ve endeavored to produce a “Radio” show that will inform and have some purpose.

I’ve worked closely with the Galganov Dot Com Internet Programmer to provide simple access to the broadcast, and to make the functionality of Galganov Dot Com easy for even the most “Internet Challenged” users to use.

In the next week or so, I should be able to offer archives of one week’s shows, giving you the choice to listen more at your convenience than at mine.

I’ve received a great number of solicited and unsolicited opinions on the broadcasts. All of which have merit. And all of which will be implemented.

1) The music is too loud. This is easy for me to fix. Consider it done.

2) Some of the Ad Spots are too loud. Also easy to fix.

3) More opinion and less dialogue. I thought so too. Consider this fixed.

4) A snappier presentation. This comes back to too much dialogue.

In general, the feed-back which I’ve received has been terrific. There has not been one person who thought this show was not worth the effort. And to me, that says everything.

I’m taking a few days off from writing and broadcasting, and will inform everyone when the next issues are published and aired at Galganov Dot Com.

Please tune into the current broadcast and hear a synopsis of the topics which were covered during this past week, and what you can look forward to soon.

Oh yes: Listen to what I have to say about the CRTC’s (Canadian Radio and Television Commission, Canada’s version of the American FCC) decision to allow Satellite Radio.

To hear an in-depth discussion on this issue, click on the LISTEN TO THE RADIO BUTTON found at the Top Right Of This Page or the Home Page.

The broadcast is approximately 28 minutes long.

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  1. Howard I’m confused. I’m assuming all Democrats are evil fire breathing Socialists. The GOP (once a good party) is now to weak and to left in the political spectrum. Carter, Clinton, even the Bushes, FDR and Obama are the devil incarnate. Then tell me. Who is left to vote for?

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