Only A Brain-Dead Liberal Schmuck Can Consider Sharia In A Secular Society.

Has McGuinty and his Liberal caucus never bothered to understand the Islamic meaning of the words Infidel, Jihad and Martyr?

Ontario has decided to delay their ruling on Sharia (Islamic Law) as an alternative method to the secular legal dispute resolution mechanism for “willing” Moslems.

If ever I thought government leaders were stupid. I just didn’t know how stupid they really are.

The Ontario government under Dalton McGuinty has got to be the biggest group of schmucks who have ever occupied a seat in provincial power.

I voted Conservative in the last Ontario election, so I’m blameless.

It is the majority who voted for this Liberal idiot who should be hiding their faces for shame.

The greatest enemy to Modernity and the Secular Rule Of Law is Islam. Whether we want to admit it or not, the entire modern world is at war with Islam. Islam wants nothing less than global domination.

And Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty (the idiot) is helping.

What’s wrong with him?

Has he never read the Koran?

Is he not aware of the FACT that the Koran explains the proper procedure to beat one’s wife. And how it is honorable to kill a daughter or a sister when she has sexually shamed her family?

Has McGuinty and his Liberal caucus never bothered to understand the Islamic meaning of the words Infidel, Jihad and Martyr?

Europe is being overrun by Islamists. Arabic is now the second most spoken language in Quebec. And where there are no new Churches or Synagogues, Mosques are being built as fast as the cement dries.

Where the move away from faith-based parochial schools toward secular education has been the norm in Western societies; Islam’s madrases (Islamic schools) are springing up everywhere.

To me; it is incomprehensible that a modern secular society like Ontario would even consider allowing this Islamic system of religious poison to enter our society, let alone invite it in.

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  1. Howard, I have mixed emotions on cutting out the libs. They sometimes make me crazy with their idiotic statements and ignorant positions but sometime hearing their opinions just makes me more firm in my belief in conservative principals. As most conservatives, I have liberal friends and listening to their tortured reasoning frequently makes it easier for me to solidify my thoughts and present better arguments for my positions. I don’t listen to MSNBC, CBS, NPR or ABC. That would make me nuts

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