More On Canada’s FAILED Healthcare System With Stirling Faux

Between the federal government, each provincial and territorial government and the actual healthcare providers, there's just too many cooks in the kitchen.

Saturday’s (June 11, 2005) exchange on Galganov Dot Com Radio with Stirling Faux of Vancouver (White Water) British Columbia over Canada’s healthcare system generated so many Letters to Galganov Dot Com, that I thought it was worth discussing again.

It isn’t that a universally accessible healthcare system that is “free” to all Canadians is a bad idea, it’s just the way that the federal and provincial governments go about administrating it is.

Between the federal government, each provincial and territorial government and the actual healthcare providers, there’s just too many cooks in the kitchen.

And then there are the people who use and abuse the “free” Canadian healthcare system. If ever there was an example of killing the Golden Goose: this might be it.

I’ve personally known Canadians who’ve “loaned” their healthcare cards to family members from abroad for what is really FREE healthcare treatment for these non Canadians.

I know of people who drop their pants or dresses in front of doctors more often that they do in front of their spouse. That’s how many times they see their doctors.

I know of people who schlepp their children to doctors every time they feel an ache: Hypochondriacs in-waiting.

We are abusing our system to death.

I see no reason why Canada should not charge a user fee for every non-chronic visit to see a doctor. Even at the hospital.

The fee wouldn’t have to be paid during the visit. It could be added to the user’s income tax at the end of the year making certain that no one is turned away or stigmatized by poverty. But also making certain that chronic abusers pay for their doctor “fix”.

There are a host of remedies available with which to cure the failing Canadian healthcare system. But none of which the politicians want to touch for fear of their own political benefit.

And that’s just too bad, since it will inevitably be up to them to either revive Canada’s healthcare system or pronounce it dead.

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