Legalize Pot I Say – No Way Montreal Police Commander Michel Lecompte Says.

All of that said though: LEGALIZE DRUGS! And if not all drugs, at least the "soft" drugs like "Grass" and "Hash".

Organized Gangs own the drug trade.

And the customers who are stuffing BILLIONS of drug dollars into the pockets of these gangs are neither “druggies” nor strung-out junkies.

They’re your kids, your friends, your neighbors, co-workers, and even employers and employees. They are a whole bunch of things.

But what they are not – are criminals.

I don’t take drugs. I don’t knowingly associate with people who take drugs. And I strongly urge everyone not to take drugs. Not even Marijuana.

All of that said though: LEGALIZE DRUGS! And if not all drugs, at least the “soft” drugs like “Grass” and “Hash”.

Take the drug trade and the enormous drug wealth out of the hands of organized crime, and stop criminalizing people who want to “do drugs”. Especially when we are talking about “recreational” drug users.

My good friend Commander Michel Lecompte of the Montreal Police Department thinks very differently.

He wants stiffer penalties and far more money to fight the people who produce and push drugs.

Fighting the criminal organized drug business in this fashion is nothing more than peeing into a hurricane. Pee as hard as you can. It’s still going to splash back. And the wind is still going to blow.

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  1. Howard
    you are so right, Liberals will lie just to get elected……….and still the people vote for them…..Well I hope the left voters feel the pain…..because it will surely be coming to all of us…………..U.S.A. going down, and soon Ontario will be taxed to the max..

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