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To listen to Radio on Galganov Dot Com, it will be as easy as clicking on the Home Page Link, picking the show you want to hear, and listening away.

Stay tuned for Radio on Galganov Dot Com.

In a few days, Galganov Dot Com will be introducing State Of The Art Internet Talk Radio with yours truly as the host.

Galganov Dot Com will begin airing Talk Radio Shows that you will be able to access anytime of the day, any day of the week, from any location on the planet. And it will be talk like none other.

We’ve already produced several shows with great on-air talent, the likes of Vancouver’s Stirling Faux; just waiting to be aired on Galganov Dot Com.

And we’re making it real easy for you to log-on.

To listen to Radio on Galganov Dot Com, it will be as easy as clicking on the Home Page Link (not there yet), picking the Show you want to hear, and listening away.

We’ll even provide the means for you to listen if your computer isn’t yet configured to open audio files.

Radio on Galganov Dot Com will be the same as, but better than conventional Talk Radio.

We will discuss and debate a host of issues ranging from Islamism, Gay and Lesbian Rights, the Civil War in Iraq, the ineptitude and dishonesty of the UN, Religious Fundamentalism in Politics, Language Rights in Canada, the Influence of the USA around the world, animal rights and more.

We’ll also focus on the corruption of the established media, and how Internet and Satellite Broadcasting will change the world much like the Gutenberg Press changed publishing.

Radio on Galganov Dot Com will not be subject to the CRTC in Canada and the FCC in the USA. The only people we will have to answer to will be you.

If you don’t like what you hear: Click DELETE.

If you want to make a point of your own: Send an e-mail.

My only consideration in broadcasting Radio on Galganov Dot Com will be making certain that whatever I or my guests say is the truth.

We will bend over backwards to guarantee Broadcast Integrity. And you will be our censors, our critics and our policing influence.

Radio on Galganov Dot Com will be Radio the way it should be.

And as soon as we’re up and Broadcasting, you will be amongst the first to know. In the meantime, please continue reading Galganov Dot Com Editorials and Letters.

And spread the word – there’s a whole new brand of Radio on the way.

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  1. Sometimes I’m a Coward, don’t want to hurt feelings, but when the going gets to rough I just block, that solves my problem. I just received this from Howard, my gutsy, hold nothing back friend whom I respect totally for his honesty. and I am going to present you with his words, please note my feelings completely. Thank you Howard!


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