Stop The World I Want To Get Off

In our own Western societies, we've perfected a political correctness and a distorted moral consciousness that will kill us.

Not that many years ago, there was a massively successful London and Broadway Hit called: “Stop The World I Want To Get Off”.

That’s the way I feel today.

We are surrounded by such idiots in government, greed and corruption at the highest levels in society, and religious and cultural hatred, that if at all possible, I too would like to stop the world and get off.

Our global society is so twisted and bent out of shape that nothing short of a worldwide revolution can “sort” of fix it. But even with a worldwide revolution, we can never really fix the problem, because the problem is us.

On a minuscule level, all we have to do is look at my own Canadian government, media and establishment. We have caught the Canadian federal Liberals shattering the rules of fair-play, honesty, integrity, morality and DEMOCRACY itself.

The Liberal led Canadian governing Party are lying and cheating connivers who have highjacked the principles of the RULE OF LAW; the bedrock of any modern Western Democracy.

They have been caught red-handed!

And how do we deal with the reality of what our Liberal government has done for themselves and their friends WITH OUR MONEY?

We scream on talk radio. We write letters to the editors. We speak amongst ourselves at work. And we read Web Sites like Galganov Dot Com.


But in the world of sickness, this is indeed mild.

Arab Moslems send their children to blow themselves up for the express purpose of murdering Jews. The Arabs celebrate their suicide child murderers as hero martyrs, while the Leftist do-nothing do-gooders find Israel responsible for making the Arabs behave in this fashion.

But who do the Leftists blame when it’s Arab on Arab murder and TERROR?

The Leftist Bastards are silent.

Moslem countries with the singular exception of Turkey reflect the worst in anti-human behavior by modern Secular standards. Yet we pretend that they are as civilized as we are.

Islamic countries have enormous wealth through their control of much of the petroleum energy sources of the world. Yet their people live in utter poverty filled with global, multi-cultural and academic ignorance. Yet we treat them and their leaders as equals.

Slavery, misogyny, and the rule of the Koran keep the Islamic world behind in the development of mankind. Yet we overlook this travesty.

But most of all; the publicly stated goal of Islam according to most of their Mullahs in their interpretation of the Koran is to eradicate Jews and turn the entire world into an Islamic society. Yet we look upon these people and their religion through benign eyes.

They are telling us what they intend to do to end our culture. Yet we refuse to believe them, even after 9/11.

And it’s not just about them.

In our own Western societies, we’ve perfected a political correctness and a distorted moral consciousness that will kill us.

We’ve turned up down, and down up.

We blame victims for the crimes that are perpetrated against them. And we treat criminals as if their evil deeds are somehow everyone’s fault but their own.

We cry for equal rights for all people. Yet many amongst us deny equal rights to Gays and Lesbians.

We demand the best in healthcare. Yet the funding of healthcare takes a backseat to the costs of political corruption.

Most of the working population in the private sector worries from day to day whether they will have a job the next day. Yet, in the public sector, they worry about working less, making more, and enjoying a secure indexed pension for life that exceeds most working salaries in the private sector.

But what is most disturbing of all, is the lack of action by the masses who are most vulnerable to a world turned upside-down and inside-out.

Inevitably, like all excesses, the whirlwind in which we find ourselves will spin out of control, sending us crashing into a crisis that will bring upon us social pain, the likes of which we have never known.

This will be the price we will pay for standing idly by while all about us is falling apart.

Stop The World I Want To Get Off!

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  1. The GOP establishment has gone far left of the left they believe the means justifies the end..that Mississippi fiasco should be a wake up call for all true conservatives

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