The May 19, 2005 Victory For Paul Martin Was No Victory For Canada.

Paul Martin has nothing to smile about. He is indeed the present-day catalyst that is further destroying the Canadian people's confidence in government.

Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin had a grin that went from ear to ear as he and his corrupt Liberal Party survived the non-confidence motion yesterday (May 19, 2005), by an historic tie-breaking vote from the Speaker of the House.

I wonder if the smile was more of a smirk than a smile by a man who just cost the tax payers 10’s of BILLIONS of dollars just to keep him in power.

It’s almost like the conscienceless cad who sleeps with his best friend’s wife, and then graciously shows his appreciation to the best friend who picks up the meal tab after a round of golf.

The cad is Prime Minister Paul Martin. The best friend is the Canadian people.

I really don’t like the ethnocentric politics of Quebec. But I think I’m liking the dirty politics of Parliament Hill even less.

If I was Prime Minister Martin, I wouldn’t be able to show my face in public. I would be too embarrassed of what I had to do to keep my job. And I would be too ashamed of what my Party did in the quest to win at all costs.

If Canadian voters were already weary and turned-off of politics leading up to yesterday’s non confidence vote; this “victory” for Paul Martin will make it so that even more Canadians will just stay away from future polls.

Paul Martin has nothing to smile about. He is indeed the present-day catalyst that is further destroying the Canadian people’s confidence in government.

But on the other side, one has to look at Stephen Harper.

He might very well be a decent kind of a guy who can get the job done given the chance. But before he can make any meaningful changes, he has to win the Prime Minister’s Office.

I think Harper has proven that he is not up to that task. And if Canada is going to have more than a One Party System, the Conservatives would do very well finding a new leader who can win and then lead.

To me, the better alternative would be a new Ontario Provincial Federal Party, not that much unlike Quebec’s Bloc Québécois.

But unlike the Bloc Québécois, this would not be a Party based upon ethnocentric nationalism. This Ontario Party’s mandate would simply be to protect and promote Ontario’s interests.

It would also keep the Liberals from being the designated Canadian government for all eternity, with a brief break here and there.

The Canadian people can not thrive under this present system of government.

We are being over-taxed and under-served by elected and appointed thieves. And there’s no stopping them under the current way they do the government’s business.

Where Quebec presently stands in Confederation is getting clearer and clearer as each moment brings them to their third and probably final referendum. What isn’t clear, is where the rest of Canada stands.

And that has to be addressed now.

I don’t believe we can change the culture of the federal government or the way Parliament does business. But I am certain that we can change the way we do political business, simply by making the provinces (regions) independent from the corruption that continuously rolls down from Parliament Hill.

As I’ve said many times before: IT IS TIME TO DE-CONFEDERATE!

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  1. Hey Howard
    Great comments as usual. You don’t hear from me much the last two years due to my wife’s cancer and treatments. I do keep up with you and appreciate you and continue to do what I can. Not as much as I like or have done, but under the circumstances, I guess it’s enough. We do endevor to persever. Keep it up and thanks for your efforts.

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