WHORES On The Hill

When it comes to being Whores, the federal Liberals take a back-seat to no one.

The Liberals are fuming at the type of criticism Belinda Stronach is getting from the Conservative Party. She’s been accused of selling herself like a Whore. And for being a pretty dip stick.

What’s their problem? She did sell herself.

I think Belinda Stronach is a dip stick and worse. I also think she waited for her price (a cabinet post) and sold herself.

In my mind that makes her a political Whore.

And before these holier-than-thou Liberals reach their crescendo of hysteria over these descriptions by Conservatives of what Belinda Stronach has done, they should look in the mirror to see what an army of Whores looks like.

Belinda Stronach sold herself to the Liberals for a Cabinet seat. But the federal Liberals have sold all of Canada for power.

How much of OUR MONEY is the Liberal WHORE MACHINE prepared to spend to stay in power?

Here’s a list of just a few of the deals the Liberals have Whored Canada out of, just to stay in power, and to take care of those who take care of them.

$1/4 BILLION dollars in the Quebec Sponsorship Scandal (that we know about).

More than $1 BILLION in the Human Resources Scandal.

Climbing to $2 BILLION in the Gun Registry.

Another $350 million to the already bankrupt Bombardier.

$170 million to Darfur with 100 Canadian troops as the price for just one Independent vote.

Giving Newfoundland welfare while they profit on oil.

Giving all of the Provinces a much bigger peace of the economic pie that WE THE PEOPLE PAY FOR.

But for me: the biggest LIBERAL WHORE DEAL of all, was how quickly Martin folded his all important budget, as if it all of a sudden was meaningless, just to accommodate the Socialist NDP to keep them (the Liberals) in power.

And they’re upset because of a reference made to Belinda Stronach’s sellout as being a somewhat WHOREY thing to do?

Let me say this to the Liberals:


And the Liberals should know!

Doesn’t it seem strange how silent and reserved the Liberals are over the daily horror stories from the Gomery Commission?

Wouldn’t you expect the Liberals to be screaming against this corruption amongst their own, at least as much as they are about a few choice Conservative derogatory comments about the newest Liberal in their Brothel?

When it comes to being Whores, the federal Liberals take a back-seat to no one.

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  1. Good for you Howard, clean out the LIBS from the comments, they have more than enough going for them on CBS, CNN, etc. Leaves more room for us! It’s YOUR WEB SITE, not theirs!

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