There Is No Bottom In How Far The Liberals Are Prepared To Sink

I truly believe that there is no level too low for the Liberals to stoop.

Paul Martin has reached a low that I didn’t think even he was capable of.

He’s put the CAPITAL “S”in the word SLEAZE. And he did it with an equally sleazy and willing accomplice.

I never liked Belinda Stronach, and was pleased when she lost her bid to be the leader of the Conservative Party. Especially since she was Brain Mulroney’s chosen candidate. Birds of feather and all.

Stronach is the little rich girl who inherited an executive job and national attention through the wealth her father (Frank Stronach) was able to amass with Magna International, his auto-parts company.

On May 17, 2005, Belinda Stronach betrayed her constituents, her national supporters, and stabbed her Conservative Party in the back.

And to add insult to injury, she kicked them a few times while they were down.

Stronach and Martin – what a duplicitous combo. They deserve each other.

We know what her primary political price was to save Martin’s deceitful government; prestige and an instant seat in his Cabinet.

But what else did she get? It’s not like the federal Liberals are beyond buying off supporters. Just ask Justice Gomery.

In her morning press conference (May 17, 2005) she shared with Paul Martin, Stronach said that crossing the floor and becoming a Liberal was the hardest decision she ever had to make.

I bet it was, since there were quite a few other alternatives available to her.

She could have abstained from voting to overthrow the Liberal government in the forthcoming vote on Martin’s budget.

She could have stayed with the Conservatives and vote against her own Party, and then face the consequences.

She could have crossed the floor to sit as an independent and voted any way she saw fit.

She could have resigned her seat and run as a Liberal, a member of the NDP, or as an Independent in a forthcoming election.

Or she could have just left politics altogether, and find yet another distraction to keep her from boredom.

She had many choices. But only one of those choices gave her a quick trip to the halls of Parliamentary power with a seat in the Cabinet. And she took it.

So much for integrity.

It is interesting how last week, Belinda Stronach voted (successfully) to overthrow the Liberals on a Conservative/Bloc non-confidence motion. And this week, she all of a sudden has all kinds of confidence in the Liberals, and none in her own Party she recently campaigned hard to lead.

I truly believe that there is no level too low for the Liberals to stoop.

And I truly believe that if there was even just a shred of Liberal political integrity left on Parliament Hill, it has now disappeared with this latest outrage courtesy of Paul Martin and his newest “BOUGHT AND PAID FOR” Liberal.

This is indeed a political move that will come back to bite Martin, Stronach and the entire Liberal Party in the ass.

Even Canada’s dumb unconditional Liberal voters can’t be so utterly stupid, that they are not offended by this latest Liberal sleaze.

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  1. Hillary ha a nice comment in Toronto: Hamas is not a terrorist organization, they are technocrats….

    BTW it is known fact Bill and Hillary are paid with Saudis money.

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