Damn Right There Should Be An Apology

The West has got to stop apologizing to purveyors of hatred.

Newsweek screwed-up and recently published a non verified story that was partly responsible for quite a few deaths in Afghanistan.

It turns out that Newsweek’s story about American servicemen defiling the Koran of Moslem prisoners at Guantanamo Bay was unsubstantiated.

It was probably BS from the get-go.

But since when did not having the facts or corroboration ever stop the media from releasing a story?

Everyone from the President’s Office, to the State Department, to the Pentagon is furious with Newsweek for such shoddy reporting. Especially since this story has led to riots and killings amongst Islamists in Afghanistan.


What Newsweek wrote is not the story.

The story should be:

What kind of animals riot and commit murder because someone might have “defiled” their “holy book”?


The real story is the fundamentalism of Islamists who would kill because of innuendo.

So what if a Marine flushed a Koran down a toilet? If this is the response the Koran inspires; the toilet is the perfect place for it.

I can not find anything positive to write about a religion and a culture that uses a book written by men as a tool to treat women like livestock, and humanity outside of their religion as if they are dirt.

The West has got to stop apologizing to purveyors of hatred, TERROR, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and murder.

The Islamists are a cancer upon this planet. They are the Nazis of the 21st century. They are the evil that has this planet on red alert.

And Newsweek should apologize?

Newsweek is guilty like all the other media in the world of not getting it right. For that they should apologize.

But if anyone, or any group is in need of contrition, it is the Islamists who pray to Allah, while following the words of Mohamed as they murder humanity.

I’m still waiting for these Bastards to apologize for 9/11. And until they do; screw them and the religion they are only too pleased to kill for.

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  1. I find the comments from all over Canada and the US interesting. Elizabeth Warren is as far left as they get and benefited from the claim that she has native american blood. http://elizabethwarrenwiki.org/elizabeth-warren-native-american-cherokee-controversy/
    The greater GOP is rotten and runs candidates who don’t represent the constituents so the constituents don’t turn out They will not for Romney who is reportedly leading. Someone like Trey will excite them.

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