When Perception Becomes Reality

This Quebec AND Canada thing is a done deal.

Canada AND Quebec has become the normal identifier amongst the news media and our politicians. Of course we never hear of Ontario AND Canada since Ontario is part of Canada.

This past week, Gilles Duceppe of the Separatist Bloc Québécois met with one of the 3 independent federal Members of Parliament (David Kilgour Edmonton—Mill Woods—Beaumont) in the hopes of convincing him to vote against the federal government’s budget this coming Thursday (May 19, 2005).

If the vote against the budget is successful, it will force a non confidence motion that will trigger an election.

In their discussion: Duceppe encouraged Kilgour to vote to overthrow the Liberal led Government for the sake of their children and grandchildren, because in Duceppe’s mind, it’s the only way to protect their future in Quebec AND Canada.

This Quebec AND Canada thing is a done deal.

It’s been a done deal for quite some time. But it hasn’t been done without the aid of the non Québécois community.

For years, English media referred to Quebec AND Canada.

So-called federalist Quebec provincial Liberals constantly refer to Quebec as being distinct from Canada.

Federal politicians from the lowly Back-Benchers to the Prime Minister’s Office have routinely referred to Quebec AND Canada.

Since perception is reality, say something often enough, loud enough, and get other people to say the same thing; and there it is.

I can’t fault Quebec for anything they have done to win their own ethnocentric State. What they wanted so badly they are going to get. They worked hard for it.

Quebec passed egregious language and cultural laws that are in every way unacceptable in a pluralistic society, while “Anglo” appeasers in Quebec refused to fight as hard for their rights to be visible, as Québécois nationalists fought to make them invisible.

The federal government (all the way back to Prime Minister Trudeau) said and did nothing to protect the cultural Rights and Freedoms of Canada’s “Anglo” citizens living in Quebec.

The Supreme Court of Canada consistently ruled on behalf of ethnocentric Québécois nationalism because they always wanted to appear to be fair to French Quebec.

While Quebec was working overtime to create whatever conditions were necessary to Separate Quebec from Canada, the rest of Canada was finding ways to help Quebec feel more independent.

And now we’re approaching the end-game.

It is now “normal” for a Separatist leader (Gilles Duceppe) to speak with an independent Member of Canada’s Parliament from the West, asking that he vote to overthrow the sitting government of Canada for the benefit of Quebec AND Canada’s children.

Canada will dissolve sooner rather than later. I’m good with that. But what bothers me, is that Canada will break up with hardly a whimper. And that the people most responsible for the end of our country will never really be held to account.

And that these same people will be the ones who will oversee the dissolution of what could have been the best country in the world.

I guess its apropos for these losers to act as Canada’s undertakers, since standing for nothing and doing nothing has somehow become the Canadian way.

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  1. Yes of course Howard. If the GOP win the next election all will be well. Maybe, if we’re just lucky they’ll get the United States into another new and exciting war in the middle east. Maybe we can keep Large American health care insurance companies in the pink as well….

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