Stephen Harper Has The Chance To Recreate Canada.

Jean Lapierre takes Canadian tax payers for fools.

At the rate of pre election Liberal spending, if a federal election is not held real soon, there won’t be enough money left in Canada’s coffers to make a difference who governs the country.

It boggles the mind that the federal Liberals want to flush yet another $350 million down the Bombardier toilet on a project that will inevitably lose BILLIONS of Canadian tax-payer dollars.

Transport Minister Jean Lapierre, the born-again federalist cofounder of the Separatist Bloc Québécois, says that the $350 million that he and Prime Minister Paul Martin want to give to Bombardier is a great investment that will be repaid to Canada.

What an unmitigated load of crap. Jean Lapierre takes Canadian tax-payers for fools.

Bombardier is a Quebec sink-hole that is bankrupt in every way imaginable. Without the many BILLIONS of Canadian tax-payer dollars, this failed company would have been out of business long ago.

And for Lapierre to say that this $350 million will be repaid is as much a fantasy as his belief that Quebec is somehow financially solvent, culturally inclusive and a moral paragon of Rights.

Bombardier does not pay back money that is loaned to it by Canada! And every time Bombardier sells one of its transportation products, Canadian tax-payers lose.


It was also announced by Jean Lapierre that Canada will be “investing” many more millions of Canadian tax-payer dollars in rebuilding the Dorval circle that leads to Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport.


Why is Canada “investing” so much Canadian tax-payer money in infrastructure development in a province where 2/3rds of its primary population (French speakers) want to Separate themselves from Canada?

How long is this charade going to last?

How many more BILLIONS of Canadian tax-payer dollars will the federal Liberals spend buying Quebec-love at the expense of the rest of the country; before the rest of the country wakes up?

If Stephen Harper really wants to become Prime Minister of Canada, here is what he has to do:

1) Declare that Canada will no longer bank-roll private businesses anywhere.

2) Declare that transfer and equalization payments will become as extinct as integrity has become in Canadian politics.

3) Scrap the Quebec led BILLION plus dollar gun registry.

4) Close down or sell-off the CBC and the National Film Board.

5) Close down the Heritage Ministry.

6) Get rid of the all powerful marketing boards and unfair agricultural quota systems.

7) Open up our skies to North American Competition NOW.

8) Make VIA Rail work as successfully as Asian and European Rail Systems do, or sell it to some who can.

9) Get rid of the NGO’s that cost Canada as much as $10 BILLION per year.

10) Get rid of the Senate. And while he’s at it. Scrap the Governor General’s office too.

11) Make the recipients of Foreign Aid accountable. And instead of sending Canadian CASH, send Canadian made goods instead.

12) Regionalize the country into 5 semi-autonomous regions where the commonality will include amongst other common interests: The Canadian Dollar, the Canadian Post Office, the Canadian Military, Canadian Trade Standards, Open Cross Regional Trade, and the EQUALLY Applied Canadian Charter of Rights.

13) Mandate political accountability by law.

14) Offer Quebec the choice to participate as an equal partner in this new Federation Of Canadian Regions, or show them the door.

Canada can not, and should not continue upon this road of self destruction. We have too good a country to throw it away onto the garbage heap of failed opportunities.

Stephen Harper has the opportunity to recreate Canada into a country that will provide a lifestyle to all of its citizens that will indeed be the envy of the planet.

But he will miss this incredible chance if he too is sucked into the let’s appease Quebec politics that have plagued Canada since the days of Lester B Pearson.

This coming election should be run on what’s good for Canada, since we already know what has been good for Quebec.

Canada can not afford to screw this up.

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  1. You are so right on, with this editorial. It is imperative that, the GOP wins the Senate, this year … Then, there is a possibility of impeaching Obama, if, the GOP has the “balls” to act. The action is brought on by the House, but, it is the Senate that makes the final ruling. I think, that is why there hasn’t been any impeachment action, from the House, to date. Reid wouldn’t allow any voting on the issue. So why, spin your wheels, when noting will be done, in the end?

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