Goodbye Mounties – Hello Gays And Lesbians

They unilaterally decide how to position the face of Canada to the rest of the world.

I was watching CTV National News last night (May 12, 2005) when they announced that the CTC (Canadian Tourist Commission) has decided to no longer use the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as Canada’s national advertising symbol.

The CTC has also decided to scrap the Vistas of our Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Ocean Shores, Moose and Beaver.

But why should that be a surprise?

The CTC has one of Canada’s largest (perhaps the largest) federal advertising budgets with more than $80 million to be spent wherever they want at their discretion.

They unilaterally decide how to position the face of Canada to the rest of the world.

Isn’t it interesting that the federal Liberal Party spent (pissed away) at least one quarter of a BILLION dollars to show the Canadian flag in Quebec, while at the same time, the CTC is doing everything in their power to hide Canada’s identity from the world?

So now we have the CTC closing the door on more than a hundred years of Canadian cultural identity – just like that. And in the same breath, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Committee decided to replace the Canadian flag with an Eskimo Inukchuk.

Even though there is no Canadian symbol that is better known or more respected around the world than our Scarlet Jacketed Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their beautiful black horses, the CTC has decided upon their own, that making the Mounties invisible is somehow good for Canada.

I have done business with the CTC, and can tell you from first-hand experience, that they are incompetent and merit an advertising investigation much like the Gomery Commission investing the Sponsorship Scandal in Quebec.

In one of our dealings with the CTC, they produced radio advertising spots that were rejected by the American media because they were vulgar. Canada needs this like we need another Quebec.

But this is Canada, and we’re used to closing our eyes as a handful of elitists make decisions that affect the entire country.

As you’ve read in many of my editorials, I am in total support of Gay and Lesbian Rights. But I am not in support of targeting Gays and Lesbians for marketing purposes.


In this year’s CTC budget, at least 20% of their advertising dollars (our tax dollars) will be spent marketing exclusively to the Gay and Lesbian communities in the USA, as if Gays and Lesbians never read, watch or listen to mainstream media.

Is there a budget for the hearing impaired, the blind, the deaf, assorted Jews, Muslims and Christians?

Or what about Atheists like me?

Is there a budget to get people like me to visit parts of Canada?

How about a budget for Black people? Or why stop there? Should the CTC have a special budget for East Indians, Chinese and Arabs as well?

So here it is in a nutshell:

The Canadian government pissed away more than a quarter of a BILLION dollars showing the flag in Quebec, to people who couldn’t care in the least.

This same government has allowed the CTC to erase our most visible national symbols, and have decided that a significant amount of our advertising dollars should be spent on attracting a specific sexual orientation (Gays and Lesbians).

And that the 2010 Winter Olympic Games s in Vancouver will not show Canada’s flag.

And we wonder why this once Great Country is in full self-destruct.

What a bunch of AAA Canadian Schmucks.

It’s time to de-Confederate!

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  1. Hillary is just like Obama…..tells whatever lie is needed in any particular situation. I have heard that Hillary and Bill had around $16 million in assets when they left the White House – this included Bill’s “legal defense fund.” Why in hell should any ethical and moral president need a “legal defense fund” to cover his actions while in office? Of course we know it was to buy off the young women he victimized.

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