It’s Just Too Depressing

The other reason why I haven't published many current editorials is intellectual fatigue. I'M TIRED.

I’ve received quite a few e-mails wondering why I haven’t published many editorials in the last while.

Here’s why:

During the past month and a half, I’ve been traveling for business. I’ve been to Seattle Washington, Victoria and Vancouver (twice) BC. I’ve been to Ottawa several times and Toronto at least twice.

It seems that I’ve been everywhere but home.

The other reason why I haven’t published many current editorials is intellectual fatigue. I’M TIRED.

I’m tired of the governing galoots in Ottawa who are amongst the most dishonorable people in Canada.

I’m tired of the ethnocentric Québécois nationalists who believe that only they, and their culture should be visible.

I’m tired of the Right Wing Nut-Jobs throughout North America who are against Equal Rights for Gays and Lesbians, against a Woman’s Right to Choose, and absolutely supportive of “Faith-Based” Politics.

I’m just as tired of the Leftists who want me to work hard, so they can get their grubby hands on my money so they don’t have to.

I’m tired of the Middle East where our politicians pretend that there will ever be democracy, and somehow the Palestinians are going to journey overnight from being murderers, TERRORISTS, liars, thugs and thieves into law abiding and respectful altruists.

I’m tired of the Media which is almost as dishonorable as our politicians. Just watch the News Networks and learn at nauseam all about the latest on the runaway bride, or some other “reality TV” that belongs in a tabloid.

The News Media has sunken to a level where what is real news is so blended with gossip, fluff and voyeurism, that the news that is really important to the human condition is often lost amongst the flotsam.

I’m just exhausted by the idiots who make critical decisions. The list includes the people responsible for the governance of our country, to the people who serve us in restaurants.

It seems to me that incompetence, disrespect, arrogance, something for nothing and laziness has become an acceptable way of life at all levels. And it’s debilitating.

But not to worry!

I am in the process of redesigning Galganov Dot Com, which will allow several great editorialists to join me in turning out articles worth reading.

The people who will be writing regular articles have already been published many times on this Web Site. And their “stuff” is always very good.

So, when I’m not available to write, they will be. There will be a better mix of articles with different opinions and varying ways of looking at the same issues.

All of this should be completed within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, thank you for your letters and concern over the lack of editorials.

Pretty soon though, the galoots will have more writers from Galganov Dot Com to contend with. And until then, I will continue to put key-board to Web Site and tell it as I see it.

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