The Prime Minister Needs A New Script

It seems that everything about Canada is somehow about Quebec

The impending Canadian federal election is all about misgovernment, corruption, cronyism and dishonesty.

What it is not about, but will be about as a result of this election is national unity.

I say that this election is not about national unity, but in the same breath I say that it will lead us to a question of national unity only because successive Canadian governments from the time of Lester B Pearson have made Quebec, Canada’s political focus.

It seems that everything about Canada is somehow about Quebec.

Quebec wants to support Gay Rights, then Gay Rights it is.

Quebec wants a cold distance from the USA, then so-be-it, Canada screws the Americans.

Quebec supports a gun registry no other part of Canada wants, so Canada pisses more than a BILLION dollars into a corrupt gun registry.

And on it goes.

Prime Minister Paul Martin is now speaking-up Quebec separation all over again.

To him, this coming election is all about National Unity, and has nothing to do with massive Liberal corruption and a directionless governing Party.

This will be half of his campaign mantra. The other half will include Stephen Harper’s so-called “secret agenda” to decentralize Canada (National Unity again) and privatize Healthcare.

On the first issue of decentralizing Canada:

In 1965, Lester B Pearson buried Canada’s British Ensign in favor of a Red Maple Leaf (Liberal colors) that would somehow make Quebec feel less colonized, and bring Canada closer together.

In the same year, Pearson created the Canada-Quebec Pension Fund giving Quebec an economic tool totally separate from the rest of the country.

Also in 1965, Pearson announced Canada-Quebec Healthcare, when once again Quebec was allowed to opt out of a national program.

In the 1970’s, Pierre Elliott Trudeau made all of Canada OFFICIALLY bilingual federally, even though Quebec literally banned the commercial use of the English language and declared:


Through the Mulroney Conservative government, Quebec was given special nation to nation status with which to deal with France and other French speaking countries.

Quebec has the right to pick and choose immigrants to Canada. And Quebec is Canada’s ONLY province with an actual immigration office and immigration quota.

Quebec is a signatory to NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) alongside the federal Government. Why Quebec and not Ontario?

On September 13, 1995, the federal government, under Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien passed a law in the House of Commons declaring Quebec to be a Distinct Society, even after such an initiative failed 3 times across Canada.

Meech Lake failed. The Charlottetown Accord Referendum was shot down in flames. And the Calgary Declaration was stillborn.

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled several times in favor of Quebec’s violations of Canada’s Charter of Rights.

When Paul Martin cries that it’s all about unity and keeping Canada together, what does he mean, when in practice, Ottawa has been separating Quebec from Canada since the early 1960’s?

As for national Healthcare, the other Liberal bugaboo; I’m scheduled for an MRI, and it just so happens that I have one of two choices:

1) I can wait for as long as 6 months or more for a “free” Healthcare MRI.

2) Or I can get an MRI within a day or so for $750 at a private Montreal clinic.

Which national Healthcare program is Prime Minister Paul Martin so worried about protecting?

Make no mistake about it. This coming federal election is a vote for the status quo of continued Liberal incompetence, arrogance, corruption, cronyism, and special deals for Quebec.

Or for a new way of governing responsibly for a country that wants less government, less taxes and more accountability to the electors.

What it is not though, is about keeping Canada together, since that is a deal that no longer exists.

Paul Martin can say whatever he wants to about National Unity and Healthcare, but in the final analysis, it’s all been said to death.

He needs a new script. And Canada needs a new government.

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  1. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, you’re gonna get Paul’s vote…and that’s what it’s all about now…getting votes and getting set up with the golden parachute.
    Howard~~I SO appreciate your words of wisdom, and whenever I can find an extra couple bucks, I send them to you. I have been “FLAT BROKE”. I’m a 74 year-old woman and Hillary makes me sick…but, as the blacks voted for Obama, the women will go for Hillary. SAD!!

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