Quebec And Canada – Sooner Than We Might Think

Let's get it done now before we piss away more BILLIONS of dollars and wasted energy.

As I watched the CTV morning television show yesterday (April 28, 2005), the discussion included the upcoming federal election and an interview with Quebec Separatist leader Gilles Duceppe, who makes his money from Canada in the pursuit of killing Canada.

During the interview, CTV’s co-anchor made reference to Quebec AND Canada.

Tell me again:

Why are we spending the fortunes of this country on fighting referendums in Quebec, and pro-federalist (scam) Sponsorship programs (also in Quebec) to show the Canadian flag, when our English (Toronto) news media, along with so many politicians already describe Quebec as being separate from Canada?

But it does not stop there.

Paul Martin speaks of Quebec AND Canada. Not Quebec and the rest of Canada. So does Stephen Harper the leader of the Conservative Party.

So why bother spending the money to get a general consensus that Quebec is already separate from Canada, when the Prime Minister and the leader of the Official Opposition say so every time they open their mouths.

Instead of spending BILLIONS of dollars paying off Quebec nationalists to stay within Canada, and prostituting ourselves in the courts in order to give approbation to racist ethnocentric Quebec language laws, the politicians and media would have done far more for national unity simply by keeping their mouths shut.

I listened to Montreal’s Tommy Schnurmacher radio call-in show for a few moments on Wednesday (April 27, 2005) as I drove into Montreal, and it was like deja vu all over again.

I don’t listen to Montreal Radio, and when I do, I make it a rule not to listen to CJAD whose greatest achievement in Canadian broadcasting was to give Quebec’s Separatists a voice on English language radio.

But, because of the latest poll that shows separation in Quebec is headed towards victory, much like a runaway freight train at full throttle is inevitably headed for a crash unless it runs out of fuel, I tuned into to CJAD.

It was absolutely remarkable how nothing has changed in 10 years, since the last Quebec referendum on leaving Canada on October 30, 1995, with several enormous exceptions.

1) There are far fewer “Anglos” living in Quebec today than there was 10 years ago. This means fewer votes against separation. And fewer people to go to the streets to fight for Canadian unity.

2) Those fewer Anglos in Quebec are also 10 years older and tired of the never ending threats of Quebec nationalists.

3) Why should the “Anglos” bother fighting to keep a country together when because of Quebec’s separatist language and labor laws they’re second class citizen in their own country?

4) Last time around, Canadians cared deeply about keeping Quebec in the Canadian family. This time around, most Canadians are saying let them go.

With all this talk about Quebec AND Canada at all levels, it will sooner rather than later be true. Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy.

My only concern is the timing.

Let’s get it done now before we piss away more BILLIONS of dollars and wasted energy.

It’s time to de-Confederate.

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  1. Judge Judy put it succinctly, “This country is going down the toilet…I’m glad I’m old!”

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