While The Good Ship Canada Sinks – Dyane Adam Readjusts The Deck Chairs.

The country as a whole is unraveling like a cheap suit.

As of Wednesday April 27, 2005, 54% of ALL Quebecers (which means that more than 65% of just French Quebecers) want to separate Quebec from Canada.

That said: 56% of ALL Quebecers (which means that about 70% of just French Quebecers) want to remain a part of Canada after they separate.

Go square that circle.

But back at the ranch:

Dyane Adam is Canada’s Commissioner for Official Languages. But don’t ask her anything about promoting or protecting the English language in the province of Quebec. That’s a non starter.

The Official Languages Commission is only about the French language in Canada, which would be alright if they were honest about it. But they’re not.

There are roughly 33 million Canadians, of which, 6 million French speakers live in the province of Quebec where the unrestricted use of the English language is against the law.

There are about 1 million other French speakers throughout the rest of Canada, with many of them living in the officially bilingual province of New Brunswick.

Taking these numbers into consideration: the French speaking population of Canada excluding Quebec, but including New Brunswick, represents about 3% of the total.

So why is Canada spending BILLIONS of dollars on a policy to bilingualize a country that is anything but bilingual?

Dyane Adam wants Canada’s public service to be bilingual, especially at the most senior levels. Why?

She also wants French speaking civil servants at all levels of the federal government to speak French to one another, even though the common language of functionality in the federal civil service outside of Quebec is English. Why?

Dyane Adam expects 97% of Canada, which is English speaking (with the exclusion of French speaking Quebecers) to become French speaking at the federal civil service. Why?

As I’ve written many times in the past; it used to upset me when Quebec’s first official Separatist Premier (Rene Levesque) would say that Quebec should be as French as Ontario is English.

In retrospect. And with 20/20 hindsight. Rene Levesque was right.

I am writing this editorial because Dyane Adam is at it again, this time with the CTC (Canadian Tourism Commission), which is in the process of moving from Ottawa to Vancouver.

Adam says that the CTC is not French enough.

Funny, I do business with the CTC, and one of their decision making managers I do business with from their American promotional side is a French Canadian.

What more does Dyane Adam want?

There used to be as many as 1 million “Anglos” in Quebec. But because of racist anti-English language laws and anti-English hiring practices, that population is now hovering at around 300,000.

Where is Dyane Adam, Canada’s Commissioner for Official Languages in the defense of the English speaking community in Quebec, who are seeing their numbers being wilfully wiped out by obscene ethnocentric language laws?

Is a benign form of ethno-cleansing in Quebec acceptable to Dyane Adam and the federal government who employs her?

In all matters concerning the protection of the minority English speaking community of Quebec, she’s invisible. But in her defense: So was the Quisling Victor Goldbloom she replaced.

Canada is really on the brink of falling apart.

Nonetheless, our provincial governments seem to have very little interest in what is good for the whole of the country.

Our visionless federal leaders are far more attentive to staying in power than they are in nation-building.

And our domestic and foreign policies are adrift with the prevailing winds.

But not to worry.

Dyane Adam will make certain that 3% (excluding Quebec) of Canada’s French speaking population will have equal rights and visibility at the federal civil service to 97% of Canada’s English speaking population, while the country as a whole unravels like a cheap suit.

There really should be a national referendum on de-Confederating Canada rather than an impending election to choose yet another federal mortician who will maintain the failed and failing status-quo until the bitter end.

It’s time to de-Confederate.

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  1. From all appearances the Senate Democrats have to hope for a low voter turn out which gives them the chance to retain the majority and keep Harry Reid, with his madness, in his leadership post. Not that either the Senate or House matters much, Obama routinely bypasses them with his executive orders but they carry on as if they matter with the feigned bluster, e.g., hearings and hearings and hearings, time wasted with no results, nothing changes.

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