I Shed No Tears For A Fallen Fool


I receive a great many letters from all over the world, most of which I acknowledge and then move on. But some of the letters are published in my Letters To The Publisher Section of my Web Site.

And from time to time, I receive Letters that merit Front Page Status.

This is one of them.

Ryma Shohami of Moshav Gan Yoshiyya in Israel sent me a copy of a Letter that recently appeared in the Jerusalem Post. It has to do with a new and very popular play being performed in London England.

For those of you who remember the name Rachel Corrie, and for those of you who do not, she was an American “activist” who went to Israel during the second Intifada in support of Yasser Arafat and his Palestinian Liberation Organization.

While using her body as a shield to stop an Israeli bulldozer from taking down a house linked to TERRORISM, Rachel Corrie was accidentally killed.

As usual, the world couldn’t move fast enough to condemn Israel and mourn the death of Rachel Corrie. In reality though, Rachel Corrie was a supporter of TERRORISTS, thugs, thieves, liars, misogynists and murderers.

On Monday, March 17, 2003, I wrote: Rachel Corrie Had It Coming By Her Own Decision. (Please see ARCHIVES).

As far as I’m concerned then and now, Rachel Corrie got what she deserved. What she doesn’t deserve however is to have her memory eulogized as a great humanitarian.


A few days ago a play called My Name Is Rachel Corrie premiered in London at the prestigious Royal Court Theatre. There was no mention in the play of Corrie burning US flags or defending suicide bombing.

I seldom cry. But then I received an email mentioning other Rachels, in Israel, who have not been similarly commemorated and listing some plays that have not yet been produced:

My Name Is Rachel Levy (17, blown up in a grocery store)

My Name Is Rachel Thaler (16, blown up in a pizzeria)

My Name Is Rachel Levi (19, murdered while waiting for a bus)

My Name Is Rachel Gavish (killed with her husband and son in her home)

My Name Is Rachel Charhi (blown up while sitting in a cafe)

My Name Is Rachel Shabo (murdered with her three sons aged five, six and 13 in her home)

My Name Is Rachel Druk (mother of seven murdered in Samaria)

My Name Is Rachel Weiss (burned to death with her young children in a bus near Jericho).

Commemoration and mourning are due to these Rachels, victims of the explosives smuggled through the tunnels Rachel Corrie and her ISM friends were trying to block the IDF from uncovering.

Those who conceived of a play to commemorate Corrie, who acted in the service of those who perpetrated the above horrors, are guilty of an obscenity.

Writing this, I cried again.

Barbara Oberman

Herzliya, Pituah


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  1. Welcome back! The reason that America is failing is because it is being led by a bunch of LIARS. These days, the more one lies, the better one succeeds. Re: HILLARY–She and her husband FIT the governmental environment to a tee–as proven by the BENGHAZI and LEWINSKI events! Re: OBAMA—he is slowly accomplishing his GOAL of fundamentally changing and destroying our Country–as proven by his multiple LIES, PROMISES, and CRISES. “Rome is burning” and there are no leaders to put the fire out!

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