Goodbye Canada’s Maple Leaf

Inukshuk - Where does this symbol come to identify Canada?

In addition to my last editorial (The Sponsorship Scandal – What about The Rest Of Canada? Friday, April 22, 2005), where I called Canada a Joke in the first sentence, I didn’t realize even then how much of a joke our country has become.

In today’s National Post Newspaper (April 25,2005), one of the Front Page stories announced Canada’s logo for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games to be held in British Columbia.


Historically; Canada’s international logo for events such as these have focused around a stylized Maple Leaf, Canada’s official symbol and only component to our flag.

But not anymore.

Instead of building our identity around our Canadian flag, Canada is going to be visually represented to the entire world by an Inukshuk.

For the unenlightened: an Inukshuk is an Eskimo (Inuit) symbol of piled rocks, predominantly used as a geographical marker and indication that someone was there.

Where does this symbol come to identify Canada?

The Inuit population of Canada is amongst this nation’s poorest of the poor. They would fit in magnificently with any Third World Culture.

Many live in far northern settlements where a good number of their children fry their brains inhaling gasoline fumes. And unemployment is a way of life.

This is the symbol Canada wants the world to see as Canadian.

Even more ridiculous is the commonality between Canada’s Native population and the country itself.

Most Canadian Natives consider themselves Native, not Canadian, and prefer to share a “national” heritage with Native people from the rest of North America more than they ever will with non Native Canadians.

The people who make decisions such as this must be graduates of universities, and members of NGO’s and government offices who have PHD’s in the curriculum of SHIT-FOR-BRAINS.

Maybe the 2010 Winter Olympic Games’ organizers should ask the Inuit for the enormous amount of money they’ll need to build the Games’ facilities, followed by many more millions they’ll need to promote and market these Games.

But how can that be, since most of Canada’s Native population seemingly live to a great degree off casino gambling, cigarette sales, smuggling, and WELFARE? And as much as $10 BILLION in federal welfare annually.

Are these games going to be the WELFARE GAMES? Cause then it would make sense.

I have given up on the Canadian flag after another Canadian graduate with a PHD in SHIT-FOR-BRAINS, Quebec’s Lisa Frulla, Canada’s Heritage Minister said that her Quebec counterpart can speak on behalf of Canada at international forums in her absence.

But this Inukshuk decision takes stupidity to an entirely different level.

You gotta know how bad it is when the Schmucks in British Columbia are making the Schmucks in Quebec look good.

It’s time to de-Confederate.

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  1. Be patient, Canada. The Conservatives in the USA have not given up either. Choo….choo…choo…..we’re coming.

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