The Sponsorship Scandal – What about The Rest Of Canada?

But Canada is not a real country anymore.

I can think of no better way to say this than: CANADA IS A JOKE!

It hasn’t always been a joke. But it is now.

There was a time before Lester B Pearson and Pierre Elliott Trudeau when the world cared what we thought and said. When our allies knew they could count on us for whatever. And when we were able to tell the difference between right and wrong.

But all of that is long gone.

Yesterday (April 21, 2005), the country was treated to a pathetic spectacle as Canada’s Prime Minister asked for national television airtime to discuss the “crisis” caused by the federal Liberal Party’s advertising scandal in Quebec.

I thought the Prime Minister was going do the right thing and fall on his sword, and either announce his retirement or an election.

He did neither.

Paul Martin wasted the people’s time asking for patience and understanding.

In a real country, Paul Martin would have already been dispatched from his job as leader of the government. And those responsible for this mess would have already been indicted for fraud and grand larceny.

We should have seen them in handcuffs.

But Canada is not a real country anymore.

All I came away with from this pathetic spectacle, was that this was all about Quebec, but had nothing to do with Quebec. Try to square that circle.

Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Separatist Bloc Québécois was outraged at how the Sponsorship Scandal tainted Quebec and besmirched Quebec’s reputation.

What reputation?

That said: Duceppe seems not to be too proud to cash his federal paychecks as a Canadian Member of Parliament, and look forward to his very generous Canadian Member of Parliament Pension, all the while he uses Canadian resources to destroy Canada.

The Parti Québécois wasn’t too upset with the scandal when they reached into the ill begotten bag and grabbed at least one handful of this “tainted” money for themselves.

And the key Quebec advertising executive (Jean Brault) who was given most of this money to virtually do with as he wished to “save” Canada, turns out to be a Quebec nationalist and supporter of the people trying to kill Canada.

Even Stephen Harper, the Conservative leader, and leader of the Official Opposition couldn’t say enough about how much he regrets the way Quebec was treated as a result of this Liberal debacle.

Give me a break!

The only leader who didn’t jump on the “woe-is-us-Quebec” bandwagon was NDP (socialist) leader Jack Layton, who preferred to use this misery to publicly blackmail the federal Liberals into passing a budget of the NDP’s choosing.

In all, what we saw from all of our leaders at last night’s televised spectacle was humiliating to Canada, and yet another denial of Quebec complicity.

Instead of saying ENOUGH with Quebec already, the “federal” leaders are still pandering to a province that does not really want to remain in Canada other than for their monetary benefit.

Canada has flipped cartwheels for Quebec:

Canada created different Constitutional rights for Canadians living in Quebec.

Canada made it mandatory that executive and management personnel in the federal public service must be French speaking to get and keep their jobs, even if they live in parts of Canada where French is rarely spoken.

Canada pissed away HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of DOLLARS over the years buying off Quebec.

Canada moved an enormous workforce across the Ottawa River into Quebec to give Quebecers tremendous federal salaries.

Canada moved whole federally subsidized industries to Quebec. And we’ve propped up failed, and failing Quebec companies to protect Quebec industries and jobs.

Canada depleted our military because of Quebec.

Canada has become pansies at the United Nations because of Quebec.

Canada all but destroyed our privileged friendship with the Americans because of Quebec.

And now that Quebec is the FOCUS of the biggest Parliamentary scandal and political crime in Canadian history, Canada is somehow insulting Quebec by saying so.

I will hold my nose and vote for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in the forthcoming election, only because I don’t want to destroy my ballot.

But given my druthers, I would sooner vote for a stone rather than for any of these bums.

This is the reality of Canada because of Quebec. And the only people who can not see it, seem to be the politicians who ask for our vote.

It pains me to say this, but the only forthright politicians in Ottawa are with the Separatist Bloc Québécois.

At the very least, with them, we know exactly where they stand. And for what they stand.

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  1. I disagree with some of your comments, as much as you bang on with “Given the ONTARIO LEFT’S plethora of unapologetic LIES, GRAFT and CORRUPTION” the conservative right will be just as bad, such is the nature of politicians.

    and also the platform “of cost cutting and JOB CREATION” they way they want about this is an oxy-moron ie. we’re going to put 100,000 civil servants out of work. Each one of these 100,00 do feed the private sector in their day-day life. how does help create jobs??

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