The Usual Suspects At The UN, the EU And The IAEA

To quote a great American philosopher (Yogi Berra): "It's like deja-vu all over again".

It was the likes of Hans Blix and Mohamed El-Baradei who were running the non proliferation show at the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) when Pakistan and North Korea surprised the world with their nuclear arsenal.

It was Hans Blix himself who assured the world that North Korea was playing by the rules and would not develop nuclear weapons.

Jimmy Carter won a Nobel Peace Prize for getting an agreement with the North Koreans not to develop nuclear weapons.

GUESS WHAT? The North Koreans lied.

North Korea has nuclear weapons. Hans Blix never said I’m sorry. And President Jimmy Carter still got the Nobel Peace Prize in-spite of his massive and humiliating failure.

And here we go again with Mohamed El-Baradei at the helm with Iran and their nuclear program.

To quote a great American philosopher (Yogi Berra): “It’s like deja-vu all over again”.

Iran’s ruling Islamic nut-jobs have repeatedly said they will nuke Israel to oblivion once they get the bomb.

President Mohammad Khatami of Iran is on record saying that Iran is more than willing to trade nuclear attacks with Israel, since a few hits on Israel will end the Jewish State forever, while many hits on Iran will not prove fatal to their State.

The EU is actually contemplating a deal with Iran that will allow them to have just a “little” nuclear capability. Talk about being just a “little bit” pregnant.

The UN is too busy trying to figure out how to appear to be the moral voice of humanity, while the world’s worst thugs, torturers and murderers sit on the UN’s Human Rights Commission.

Not to mention the UN’s participation in a $21 BILLION fraud against the Free World.

So who’s left to stop the Iranians from getting the Islamic Nuclear Bomb that could indeed change the world in ways we can not even begin to imagine?

If you’ve guessed the USA and Israel; you won’t be wrong.

It is possible that England, Australia and some of the New European Countries might help out. But in the final analysis, it will be the USA and Israel.

And in the FINAL – FINAL analysis; it might all come down to Israel’s willingness to take out this horror all by itself, just like they did to the French built Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 at Osirak.

The world is a very dangerous place that needs the steady hand of leaders with the courage to make the most difficult decisions. Regrettably, the list of leaders with this type of intestinal fortitude to do what has to be done is a very short list indeed.

In the meantime, the nuclear clock is ticking forward in Iran, while most of the world hopes that this insidious threat will go away if they ignore it long enough.

It won’t go away.

Sooner or later, the world will have no choice but to face this demon head-on.

Hopefully it will be sooner, before this dedicated enemy of Secular and non Islamic freedom has the wherewithal to reign a nuclear Holocaust upon humanity.

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  1. Ontario voters: DUMB & DUMBER!
    Democracy’s biggest weakness; an ignorant electorate, BRAINWASHED by a vile leftwing academia & Pravda style media. Is this a pre-cursor to Justin Trudeau’s (A.K.A. The Shiny Pony) assent to the throne? Can you imagine what Canada would be like if he becomes P.M.?

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