Canada Can’t Take Any More Of Liberal Governance

What more do we have to hear from "Gomery" to know that the federal Liberal Party has run Canada like their own private club with our money?

I’ve heard more than enough.

One of the last things I want to do is vote Conservative in the next federal election, which will most probably be held during or before the month of June.

That said: given the only other serious choice available (NDP), I will vote for the federal Conservatives even though their social agenda and faith-based political philosophy is everything I oppose.

If I was walking on the street and a gang of well dressed thugs demanded most of my money, and then spit me in the face after I gave them most of what I had in my wallet, there wouldn’t be enough words to describe what I would want to have done to them.

That’s how I feel about these lying, thieving and fear mongering Liberal bastards who’ve used Quebec’s constant threat of separation as a reason for their existence as Canada’s government by default.

The Liberals have stolen my money, aided and abetted Quebec’s Separatists as the Separatists stole my rights to be an equal citizen within Canada, as they’ve laughed in my face all the while they were doing it.

In spite of the fact that the Conservatives are homophobic, against freedom of reproductive choices (abortion) for women, and too holier-than-thou by far, they will get my vote.

I am quite certain that the rest of Canada will be able to keep their Right of Center social agenda in check.

The only way to deal with people who are as dishonorable as are the federal Liberals, is to distance them as far away from us as possible. And the only way to do that is to kick the thieves out.

There are many people who are saying to delay the non-confidence motion which will trigger a federal election, until more revelations come out of a continuing Gomery enquiry.


What more do we have to hear from “Gomery” to know that the federal Liberal Party has run Canada like their own private club with our money?

How many more pay-offs, kick-backs and plain paper envelopes filled with cash do we have to hear about to know that the federal Liberal trade mark is synonymous with corruption?

There is nothing more I have to hear about, concerning how the Liberals ripped-off Canada and stole money out of my pocket. I’ve heard more than enough.

The next election: . . . The sooner the better.

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  1. Like you said – when there are too many “parties”, it’s easier to get in with a majority…
    GOD help Ontario!! They’ll get what they deserve!!

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