Canada’s One Party Tragedy And The Perfect Political Storm

In essence: The Liberal Party of Canada had a FREE RIDE!

A One Party political system is disastrous for any country so unfortunate to have one.

Just look around at the horrible conditions throughout the world where there isn’t a vibrant political system where governing Parties live in fear of being defeated by their ideological political adversaries.


The Liberal One Party Rule has destroyed Canada’s future, simply because there hasn’t been a REAL Opposition to the Liberals for several generations, with the exception of Brian Mulroney’s Conservatives between 1984 and 1993.

I have written tens of thousands of unflattering words about Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, mostly dealing with his sleazy government, personal arrogance and his bargain with Quebec’s Separatists.

But what most specifically sets Brian Mulroney aside from other bad leaders is that he single handedly destroyed Canada’s Two Party Political System.

Brain Mulroney so poisoned the political well, not only with Conservative voters, but with voters of all persuasion, that people simply gave up on politics and surrendered their right for politicians to be accountable.

Brian Mulroney also destroyed Canada’s founding political Party (the Party of Sir John A MacDonald) giving the electors from across Canada no one else to vote for but the Liberals, or two fringe Parties; the Separatist Bloc Québécois in Quebec, or the Red Neck Reform Party in the West.

Mulroney so disgraced the Conservative Party, that in the election of 1993, his Party that once enjoyed the greatest number of seats in the history of the House of Commons was reduced to just two seats led by a Quebec (Jean Charest) nationalist.

Since this date (1993), there has been no Opposition whatsoever to Canada’s Liberals who assumed the mantle of Canada’s perpetual governing Party.

With this belief that the Liberal Party of Canada was somehow deigned to be the government no matter what, came the abuse brought upon by supreme arrogance and the belief that no matter what they did or said: so what?

Who was going to replace them?

The collateral damage caused by this seemingly divine belief in the absolute right to govern, spawned a similar arrogance in the civil service and the judiciary all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Even the news media bought into this belief.

In essence: The Liberal Party of Canada had a FREE RIDE!

There could not have been a better scenario for someone like Jean Chretien (Canada’s Liberal Prime Minister from 1993-2003) whose appetite to rule, opposed to govern, was as sharp as the appetite of any benevolent dictator.

Chretien ruled Canada as if Canada was his very own fiefdom, where he spent tax payers money as if it was his own. And where he rewarded his friends like a Mafia Don rewards his lieutenants.

But in life; all things good and bad eventually come to an end.

If there was such a thing as a perfect political storm, where all the conditions for the worst possible outcome can come together at the same time, this is it for the Liberal Party of Canada.

The Canadian/Quebec Sponsorship Scandal, aka Adscam, has become the ugly and vicious monster everyone fears in their worst nightmare.

Because of One Party Liberal arrogance, Canada is being put in our place by the Americans, while we look for non existent friends elsewhere.

Our economy is in severe jeopardy. National healthcare is sooner rather than later going to collapse through neglect. Our military has become an international joke. And we can’t even create a viable foreign policy.

And now we find out that Chretien and his Liberal friends treated the taxes from hard earned Canadian salaries as if it was money from their very own cookie jar.

But it will get worse.

Right now, the country is focused only on Adscam. Wait!

Wait until everyone outside of Quebec starts to ask about the tens of BILLIONS of dollars that are pissed away on Quebec, Quebec federal employees and Quebec companies like Bombardier EVERY YEAR!

Wait for the Bloc Québécois who will sweep the ethnocentric Separatist province with the exception of the few West Island “Anglo” ridings where the people will still pathetically vote Liberal.

And this time a huge victory for the Separatist Bloc Québécois will mean Bonjour, and Merci Pour La Visite for Quebec from Canada.

There are many Prime Ministers who are responsible for this mess going back as far as Mike Pearson, who in 1965 gave Quebec the right to opt out of national programs like healthcare and the pension fund.

But the three most responsible are:

Pierre Elliott Trudeau who sold-out English Canada to make Canada more French.

Brian Mulroney who sold-out English Canada to become Prime Minister.

And Jean Chretien who just sold-out everyone.

Pretty soon, the results of all of these sell-outs will be a divided and disheveled Canada no one will ever be able to put back together again.

The perfect storm is upon us.

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  1. Liberals with a majority….I realy didn’t think ontario was that stupid.

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