Finally – An Issue All Of Canada Can Embrace.

It would be nice if Chretien's legacy included a photo of him showing a frontal shot with numbers under it accompanied with a side view.

I have just read a synopsis of the embargoed testimony of Jean Brault, the president of Group Action who will be going on trial for fraud and stealing Canadian tax dollars on the behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada under then Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

If only a portion of what I read is accurate, and I suspect all of it is, there are dozens of prominent men who have to go to Jail. And perhaps one of these men is Jean Chretien.

I can not release the specifics of this information or where I got it, since it would violate the publicity ban imposed by Judge Gomery, but I can tell you that if you look hard enough (not that hard) on the WEB, you’ll be able to find it through Google.

What else I can tell you, is that the Gomery Commission is finding out more than they bargained for. And the rot involves far more than just $100 MILLION, and goes far deeper than just the Sponsorship Scandal known as Adscam.

I can also tell you that this Commission will bring down the Liberal Party of Canada once the truth and scope of Liberal corruption is fully know.

And if it doesn’t, then the people who vote to bring back the Liberals are bigger idiots than even I suspect.

If ever there was an issue that will polarize Canadians from coast to coast, including Quebec Separatists, it will be how much Canadians will come to detest the Liberal Party of Canada once the full story is told.

Not only have the Liberals lied to us. They stole from us. And they laughed in our face. Especially the former Liberal leader and Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Chretien spent the last year of his third term in office trying to create a legacy for himself, mostly to no avail. But finally, Adscam and the Gomery Commission has sealed the deal for him.

It would be nice if Chretien’s legacy included a photo of him showing a frontal shot with numbers under it accompanied with a side view.

I was wondering why Stephen Harper of the Conservative Party, and Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc Québécois, armed with this massive Liberal fraud haven’t used their numbers to overthrow the government in a non confidence vote to force a general election.

Then it dawned on me.

If anyone in government would want to call a snap election right now, it would be Paul Martin. I imagine that an election campaign would force the adjournment of the Gomery Commission until after the vote.

This way, the horror stories from the Gomery Commission will at least be temporarily stopped before the ugliest facts become public. And if what I read is any indication of things to come, it will get ugly beyond belief.

I’m hoping that the Opposition does whatever it takes to keep the Gomery Commission going before the Liberal Party gets a chance to shut it down even temporarily.

The best thing that can happen is if the Court decides to delay the trials of the three main accused (the reason for the news embargo) of fraud, and then lift the publicity ban on the hearings.

I don’t think we need that much more time or testimony to put the ugly political face where it belongs.

Then call an election.

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  1. Interesting to note that my youngest son who lives in Chicago and has both an Econ and Business degree from MSU (the real University of Michigan) recently told me that if Hillary was elected he planned to move to Australia. He is thirty six and successful in the banking industry. Some people in the US “get it” but simply getting it ain’t never going to be enough to keep it. Thanks for your words and actions. Chet Przygoda, Jr. Rochester Hills, Michigan

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