The Terri Schiavo Heartbreak From Someone Whose Seen It Form Her Eyes.



I have been following the Terri Schiavo case with great interest because I can strongly identify with her and her family.

Way, way back in my initial condition post stroke, I was in that same condition, the ‘best-to-let-her-die-in-peace’ mantra that the self-righteous proclaimed around my bed.

The same ones, who, while relatively well and with use of speech, 4 limbs and full lives, profess to have the monopoly on what constitutes quality of life.

As are those now who nauseously pontificate and justify their starving a woman to death because of something she, in another life allegedly said, and now proclaiming to be following the ‘law’, yet who pronounce death for someone by starvation by somehow casually accepting the fact that there is NO legal document or living will.

They seem to have NO understanding that every single person who undergoes a change in their being discovers a new equilibrium and adapts to a new level of norm of quality of life for themselves.

I was completely paralyzed, on life-support, unable to communicate except for the desperate fluttering of my eyes for ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and barely at that.

I listened to those around me pronouncing imminent death for me. And that it would be ‘humane’ and presumably drenched in ‘dignity’ to be allowed to die. And stating that I likely felt nothing, and was ‘not suffering’.

The pain in my heart and the sheer terror and panic in the pit of my stomach hearing this sheer nonsense with every passing hour was unbearable.

Inside I was screaming that I could hear everything, feel everything, I wanted to live, that I was a person as before: I just looked different.


The powers that be would never think of starving utter scum-bags on death row who have committed the most heinous of crimes.

But ‘we empathize with your terrible ordeal, Mrs Schindler’, they hypocritically say.

One official had the colossal nerve to recommend she ‘go home, sleep, and get something to eat’ while her daughter lay starving and dehydrated.

What they are doing to Terri Schiavo, to me, is so totally beyond criminal, and is clearly immoral beyond belief.

Terri is alive. She is not being kept alive, and nor is she in a terminal condition. She is alive. She breathes on her own.

She is responsive in her own limited way, and certainly responds to her family and care-givers around her.

Her loving family wants nothing more than to continue caring for her, but she needs a gastric feeding tube.

There is no documented living will.

These are the facts:

Her husband, so-called acting in her best interests and fulfilling her alleged wishes, is a complete farce.

That he is a self-centered monster here with probable ulterior motives and stands to gain money upon her demise is a given.

That those going along and allowing her to starve to death are acting like criminals and should be sentenced for pre-meditated murder, is becoming increasingly evident.

These, in my opinion, are the real bona-fide ‘nut-jobs’ you mention in your editorial.

These people voluntarily choosing to let her die will reap what they sow.

Eventually, the self-righteous justification of their decisions will come back to haunt them, and then they will truly understand the monumental gravity of their error on a grander scale that far surpasses the law.

Forget politics. Forget religion. Why can’t people look at this case logically, humanely, and with common sense, and just do the RIGHT THING?


Lisa Rosati-White

Montreal, Quebec


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  1. Howard, I’d just sell and move to get out of paying the $300,000 bucks! Be gone before they know what happened! British Honduras (the call it Belize now!), is looking good! And, you only have to speak English or a little Spanish…Ha! Ha!

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