If It’s All About God’s Will – Why Bother?

Even Nichols, the multiple murderer sings his praises to God.

It’s amazing how so many people on the opposite side of “normal” are thanking God.

Two weeks ago, Brian Nichols went on a killing spree in Atlanta Georgia. He murdered a County Superior Court Judge, the Court Reporter, a Sherif’s Deputy and an off-duty INS Agent.

His last stop before surrendering was at the home of Ashley Smith, who is being touted by all the Media as a heroine extra-ordinaire.

Yesterday, March 24, 2005, Smith became $70,000 richer after she received multiple rewards for convincing Nichols to surrender.

I have no problem with Ashley Smith receiving the money and the accolades for controlling the beast. But I have an enormous problem with the spin on Ashley Smith.

As it turns out, Smith is an addict who runs with the wrong crowd. She has had more than her share of run-ins with the law. And has a 5 year old child being raised by her mother.

Just after the birth of her child, Ashley Smith witnessed the stabbing murder of her husband who also ran with the wrong crowd. Sick picks sick.

But the way the media plays-up Ashley Smith makes you think she’s a paragon of virtue. She’s anything but.

Ashley Smith will take the $70,000 and piss it away almost as fast as she received it. She will still run with the wrong crowd. And she’ll be a mother whose child will probably be better off being raised by someone else.

At her press conference where she received the $70,000 she proclaimed her love for Jesus. She thanked God. And she spent as much time giving a religious sermon in front of the media as a preacher does on Sunday.

And in return for her revivalist declaration, she received enthusiastic applause from the officials in attendance.

On the same Atlanta Newspaper Page that covered the Smith hero story, was a an article about the once beautiful and talented Whitney Houston, who not that long ago stood on stage at the Grammy Awards singing the praises of God every time she accepted one of a host of prizes.

Like Ashley Smith, Houston is also a personal mess who is an addict, sometimes violent, and in and out of rehab where she is headed again.

Even Nichols, the multiple murderer sings his praises to God.

What’s with all these people?

If Ashley Smith truly believes that God had a hand in saving her and convincing Nichols to surrender, she also has to believe that God had a hand in the brutal murder of Nichol’s four victims.

If she thanks God for saving her, should she commend God for killing the four?

If all of this was God’s fault one way or the other, why bother arresting and charging Nichols, since whatever happened was God’s Will?

There’s a torrent of God-Talk sweeping America. There are challenges to Secularism everywhere; from the Oval Office, to the Congress, to the Nut-Jobs standing outside the hospice where Terri Schiavo is waiting to die.

To me; it’s all a little bit more creepy than just somewhat.

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  1. In respond to one commenter who wondered about the age of your reader’s, I’m 71 in body but mentally your only as old as you choose to be. I loved my early 40’s, so mentally that is where I chose to remain. Still enjoying the life the good Lord has blessed me with through thick and thin. Retired now yet work daily in good weather in my yard for hours. Still married to a good woman who continues making life worth living.

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