The Government We’ve Got Is The Government We Deserve

If you ask the average Canadian, even those who take the time and trouble to vote; they know nothing.

Canada decided to invoke a gun registry which most of the country didn’t want, yet nonetheless managed to spend what will amount to as much as $2 BILLION in useless costs.

Before the multi BILLION dollar gun registry fiasco, the Ministry of Human Resources run by Liberal Minister Jane Stewart was caught pissing away more than $2 BILLION dollars in a Job Grant Scam.

Now we come to the Quebec Sponsorship Scandal where the federal government spent a quarter of a BILLION dollars on hair-brained schemes to show the Canadian flag in Quebec.

It seems that as much as $100 MILLION has been awarded to Quebec friends of the federal Liberals for work never done, or done at as much as 1000 times the real value, or done and invoiced more than once.

So, in true Canadian fashion, the federal government decided to conduct an inquiry to see how the $100 MILLION was wasted. But what about the full $250 MILLION that should never have been spent in the first place?

As it turns out, the cost of the inquiry is now hovering at $80 MILLION. More good money thrown out after bad.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005, Canada’s Court ruled that two Sikhs who were charged with the TERRORIST bombing of an Air India Plane almost 20 years ago were not guilty.

I don’t know if they were guilty or not. But what I do know, is that their case cost Canada’s tax payers more than $200 MILLION. Now there are voices yelling for an inquiry on how the trial and investigation was handled.

In just the preceding circumstances over a period of about 5 years, as much as, and even more than $4 BILLION has been pissed away on issues that were of absolutely no benefit to Canada’s tax payers. And truth be told, were more of a detriment.

And these are the outrages we know about. What about the rest of the money (OUR MONEY) the government literally steals from our pockets.

If you ask the average Canadian, even those who take the time and trouble to vote; they know nothing.

They’re mostly like Sergeant Shultz, the character in Hogan’s Heros: “I see nothing. I hear nothing. I know nothing”.

If the people of Canada would get their heads out of the sand and become more aware and pro-active about how incompetent, immoral and corrupt our governments are, we could be enjoying far better services, while at the same time, we would be paying an awful lot less in taxes.

It really is too bad that most of us get the government we deserve, when those of us who are paying attention and making our voices heard deserve much better.

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