Now That We’ve Taught The Americans A Lesson . . .

Without the American market, Canada's beef producers have no one to sell their cattle to at a profit.

Now that we’ve taught the Americans a lesson by poking them in the eye with our decision to renege on our word to participate (at no risk and no charge) in the North American Missile Defense Shield, we’re feeling the consequences.

Yesterday (March 7, 2005) was to be the day our beef was to be allowed into the USA. But that didn’t happen. It seems that an American judge in the South-West has ruled against allowing Canada’s beef to cross the border.

On the surface, Bush is not pleased with the judge’s ruling. And Congress, led by Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry will do whatever it takes to keep Canada’s beef from crossing into their country.

Isn’t it ironic how Canada’s favorite American Liberals are front and center when it comes to screwing Canada, while the despised Bush is vowing to veto any laws this gang of Canada-haters will pass to keep our cattle out of their butcher shops?

But that’s just a side issue. The real issue has to do with this judge who seems on the surface to have the authority to overrule the powers of Congress, the White House and the Cabinet.

I don’t believe a judge can stop the flow of commerce between Canada and the USA, especially when the powers of federal governance in Washington have decided otherwise.

Therefore; the only conclusion I can come up with, is that this judge has the blessing of the White House to keep Canada’s beef from crossing the 49th parallel.

President George W Bush can claim all he wants to that if the decision was up to him, and him alone, Canadian beef would already be on US dining tables.

But woe-be-him; what could the President of the most powerful country in the world do when a judge passes judgement?

That a single US judge has closed the American border to Canada’s beef industry was absolutely devastating news to Canada’s cattle industry in British Columbia, the Prairie provinces and Ontario.

Some of my friends and neighbors raise beef cattle, and the cost to bring a beef cow from calf to the auction-house is far greater than the price the farmers can get for their hard work.

Without the American market, Canada’s beef producers have no one to sell their cattle to at a profit.

This isn’t a joke. Farms are going under. Farmers and their families have no money. And in some cases no food. The decision by the USA (whomever made it) to keep Canadian beef out of America is killing us.

But not to worry.

Here comes Prime Minister Paul Martin (the king sized idiot) with a promise to bail out Canada’s beef farmers, because the Americans are punishing them for Martin’s own stupidity and political cowardice.

Instead of giving these hard working farmers federal handouts, where charity was never needed, all he had to do was keep his word he made to the Americans, and signed on to the Missile Defense Shield as he alluded he would right up to the last minute.

Canada’s Ambassador to the US (McKenna) was thinking Martin would sign the deal. But instead, Martin stabbed the Americans in the back.

It is no secret that Paul Martin turned his back on the American Missile Defense Shield because he didn’t want to anger Quebec. So, instead, the Schmuck chose to anger our ONLY trading partner who gives us a surplus.

And the ONLY nation we can depend upon for our military safety.

I have to wonder what Martin would have done if the shoe was on the other foot, and Quebec was about to lose a huge Bombardier contract if Canada would say no to Washington because of votes in Saskatchewan?

I actually don’t wonder at all.

There is no question in my mind that Ottawa would sell out the rest of the country to appease Quebec, just like they always do. Just like they did over Iraq and now over Missile Defense.

It should be understood that Quebec (and the Maritimes) has no appreciable beef industry to worry about. So only the rest of Canada, West of Quebec takes an enormous hit because Quebecers don’t seem to like the USA.

Instead of our beef farmers earning their own money with their hard work, as it should have been, now the federal government of Canada is going to be giving them welfare with Ontario and Alberta’s money.

Anyone who thinks there are no consequences to be paid when you’re disloyal to your friends and an unreliable partner should think again.

I am totally convinced that everything we do in life will in one way or another come back on us; good or bad. But especially bad. Something like: we reap what we sow.

Canada has had a free ride in insulting and screwing the Americans for far too long. We’re now reaping the results of what we have seeded.

It’s just too bad that the recipients of payback are innocent bystanders who ironically are pretty much supportive of the USA.

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