Appeasement Becomes A Habit Worse Than Drugs.

Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice. And Moderation In The Pursuit Of Justice Is No Virtue

Jim Duff’s editorial supporting the decision of Quebec’s (pretend) English Advocacy Group Alliance Quebec, to help the English further lose their identity in Quebec, stirred a hornet’s nest.

It’s not that many people read what Duff has to say in the Suburban Newspaper, as much as they read what is written on this Web Site.

In an article first published February 24, 2005, on the subject of Duff’s Suburban editorial, with a follow-up yesterday (March 1, 2005) at Galganov Dot Com, people were incensed with Duff and his spin on what is good for English Quebec, and have spared no effort to let me know.

There are 4 excellent letters published today at the LETTERS TO THE PUBLISHER section found directly to the left of this article in the MENU. These letters are very much worth the read.

I have always argued that the Quebec government has every right to defend, protect and promote the French language and what they consider to be the “Quebec Culture”.

But I have equally argued that French Quebec has no right promoting itself on the shoulders of others.

My contention is simple:

Quebec has no right to forbid any form of equality amongst the people. Linguistic or otherwise. And Quebec has no right to present itself as a uni-cultural society in a multi-cultural country.

To the likes of Jim Duff of the Suburban Newspaper however, appeasing Quebec’s racist language laws is acceptable if it means a few English speaking nurses will stay in Montreal as a result.

What Duff and other ass-kissers don’t seem to understand, is that appeasement becomes insatiable, to the point where the appeased can’t get enough, and the appeasers find themselves to be in a position where they can’t stop appeasing.

And it spreads like a virus.

About appeasing Quebec:

Surrender your right to see your language on a sign. Then surrender your right to use an APOSTROPHE “S” in your corporate name. Then surrender your right to advertising only in the English language in the Yellow Pages. Then surrender your right to send all children to the linguistic school of your choice. Then lose the right to be served in the English language in Small Claims Court. Then surrender the right to work in a retail establishment you own, if you can’t speak French. Then surrender your right to get a job in the Quebec Civil Service. Then surrender the right to have English hospitals. Than surrender the right for businesses to communicate with their government in the English Language. Then surrender the right for Chinese people to post their own language in Chinatown. Then surrender the right to have unilingual Chinese speaking nurses work at an all Chinese hospital. Then surrender your right to have Hebrew writing on a Jewish monument maker’s sign. Then surrender your right to have Kosher for Passover food products from the USA and Israel on grocery shelves during the religious holiday of Passover because they aren’t labeled in French. Then surrender your right to chose a name for your baby that isn’t sufficiently Québécois.

And on and on it goes.


Not only have English and Ethnic Canadians living in Quebec paid an enormous price in the name of appeasing ethnocentric Quebec nationalists, so have French Quebecers. Unfortunately for them though, most haven’t yet realized it.

On the other hand, fortunately for Quebec, the rest of Canada has not yet realized how much appeasing Quebec has cost them.

Canadians outside of Quebec spend BILLIONS of their hard earned tax dollars on pleasing a province whose only Canadian goal is to grab all they can from English Canada, while they make every effort to remove themselves from the country that keeps them afloat.

This is a real piss-off, but not as much as the costs that are beginning to add up in our relationship with the ONLY trading partner that puts money into OUR pockets.

To appease Quebec in the hopes of winning votes in the next federal election (whenever that will be), Canada’s Prime Minister, Paul Martin, told the Americans to take their Missile Defense System that would cost Canada nothing, place no missiles in Canada, and create plenty of valuable jobs to fuck-off.

Perhaps not in those exact words. But certainly in that exact meaning. And we’re going to pay a price for it. Deservedly so.

So, not only does Quebec restrict the equal rights of its minorities with the aid of Ottawa and the Canadian Supreme Court. And not only does Quebec cost the Canadian taxpayer BILLIONS of wasted dollars annually. And not only does Quebec dictate social policies in the rest of the country that are none of Quebec’s business.

But now Quebec is screwing-up Canada’s relationship with our ONLY trading partner to give us a trade surplus.

For Jim Duff to congratulate Alliance Quebec for more appeasement and capitulation would be beyond me if he wasn’t such a Duffus. I understand where Duff is coming from because I understand history.

It’s not like we’ve not been down this road before. History is replete with the misery associated with appeasement. Jim Duff is just one more out of the many millions who would rather be seen as a moderate and a conciliator, than a hard-assed defender of unconditional equal rights for everyone.

“Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice. And Moderation In The Pursuit Of Justice Is No Virtue”. These are the words of the late US Senator Barry Goldwater.

These are the words the likes of which the Jim Duffs of this world will never understand.

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  1. A wonderful story that brightened my day! It gives me hope that more people hold decent conservative values then we’re led to believe.

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