Time Is Running Out For The So-Called Palestinians

Abbas must make the decision. Civil War. Or no country of Palestine.

Yesterday, the Palestinians did what they like to do best, they killed 4 Jewish Israelis, while wounding and maiming as many, and perhaps more than 50 others.

Some Road Map to peace!

To his credit, Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) called the people responsible for this outrage TERRORISTS. He also pledged to hunt them down and bring those responsible to Justice.

And then in the same breath, he and his Palestinian cohorts strongly suggested that it was Hezbollah which was responsible for the attack, and not really Palestinians.

In spite of the Palestinian claims that it was Hezbollah which was responsible for the TERROR attack, the actual suicide murderer was identified as a Palestinian. And more remarkably, it didn’t take the Israeli authorities more than minutes to visit his house and arrest his brothers for questioning.

A thought occurred to me while I was following this breaking story of yet more Palestinian murder, TERROR, and mayhem. So what if the murderers were Hezbollah?

There is no Palestine. And there are no Palestinian people.

There are only Arabs who live in a region that was once identified as Palestine, controlled for centuries by the Turks (Ottoman Empire), and then by the British and French.

Arafat was an Egyptian! He was no Palestinian. He wasn’t even from the region of Palestine. But he too called himself a Palestinian.

The people who purport to call themselves Palestinians are historical nationals of Arab countries that were all once a part of the Palestinian region.

Virtually nothing separates them.

They are (mostly) all Moslems. They speak the same language. They eat the same food. They live in the same type of housing. Their children are similarly educated. They sing the same songs. They dance the same dances. And they share a common hatred for Jews.

For Mahmoud Abbas to suggest that his Palestinians are innocent of this heinous crime against humanity is a joke. They are all his people. It is not as if Abbas was born in a vacuum where his life began just a few weeks ago after becoming Prime Minister of the world’s most failed people.

Abbas deludes himself if he really thinks that a thousand years of preaching and teaching hatred against Jews is going to change overnight amongst “his” people, because they’re Palestinian, and somehow different from the rest of the Arabs in the Middle East.

They aren’t different.

Abbas has two choices. Either he declares all out war on Arab and Islamic TERRORISTS. Or he becomes as irrelevant as the corpse once known as Arafat.

Apologies, denunciations, empty pledges for action and finger-pointing will not do it for Mahmoud Abbas. He has to cross the line and declare war on TERRORISTS.

Abbas must make the decision. Civil War. Or no country of Palestine.

Since 1967, the world, with the exception of a smattering of countries derided Israel’s desire to survive by defending themselves. It was always up to Israel to make peace, and never up to the Arabs.

Well, now it’s only up to the Arabs.

Pretty soon there will be no Jews left in Gaza. All of the Jewish settlers will be out of the far West Bank Settlements. And the Security Fence will surround all of Israel with defensible and definable borders including East Jerusalem.

Than what? What do the Palestinians do then? What will be left for them to “negotiate”?

Abbas has a clock ticking. And I can hear the second hand counting down. For him and the Palestinian people – it’s now or never. And never is looking pretty good.

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