A Letter From Bernie

Bernie: I too would like to pack-it in and write off this dysfunctional country, but I can't.


I am about to join the Canadian majority and say to hell with Canada and it’s Adsacam’s and homosexual ideas and even with this whole country.

I will end up with a heart attack if I continue to care, so I will no longer give a damn what Canada does, I’ll read the comics like many I know and forget all about government.

It was suggested that if I get really upset I should run on our treadmill and that is a great idea, though I fear I’ll be like a hamster and be running day and night .

My ancestors came here before the railroads, and made one devil of an effort to settle in Lord Selkirk’s settlement on the Red River (in the 1750’s) and until this moment I could not see this country losing all democratic rights, however when you get to be almost eighty it is time you either let the younger ones fight their own battle or let them sink in this Liberal bilingual mire.

I’ll let the majority take a stand in it’s own defense for once!

Bernie Isbister

Ottawa, Ontario




You and I have a fundamental disagreement on Gay and Lesbian Rights. In contrast to the stress this debate is putting on you, you should celebrate our right to disagree and fully vent our contrasting opinions.

This is a healthy and welcome symptom of a working democracy.

I turned 55 years old this past Saturday (February 12), and I too am tired of the morass that has become Canada. Like you, I am weary of the Leftists who want me to see their reflection when I look in the mirror.

I am fed-up with working my ass-off only to see these government BASTARDS steal my hard earned money through graft, pay-offs, incompetence, delusions of grandeur and total disrespect for the fruit of my labor.

I am sick and tired of the nanny-state that knows what is best for me, better than I know for myself.

I despise Town Councils who are elected because people of quality don’t want to run, and then go about abusing their limited authority thinking they are God’s gift to governance.

I despise the unions; none of which ever created wealth, but all of whom seem to believe they know how to run Canada’s business interests better than anyone.

Canada’s judiciary is a crime in itself, where most of the working-class can never enjoy the benefits of the courts, because the courts are too expensive, too tedious and too backed up with lawyers and judges who argue how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Canada also never ceases to embarrass itself on the world stage; a perfect example being our Minister for Foreign Affairs, Pierre Pettigrew, who laid a wreath last week on the grave of a world class TERRORIST and murderer by the name of Yasser Arafat.

Bernie: I too would like to pack-it in and write off this dysfunctional country, but I can’t.

How can I ignore the galoots, thugs, thieves and incompetents who have so much influence on my life and the lives of those I care about?

It makes no difference how old we are (even at 80).

As long as we have the ability to think, reason, communicate, debate and expose the BASTARDS; that is what we must do. To tire of the debate because they’re wearing us down is not a luxury we can enjoy, nor is it an option we should consider.

In short Bernie: KEEP UP THE FIGHT!

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  1. What a wonderful story of comradeship and fellowship perhaps Anarchist know something we don’t . Government divides people like religion does, theirs is always better then ours .I am a Jew and very happy to be Jewish but I no longer go to temple to pray . I don’t care if you go to some kind of church or temple I am a good person and that’s all you need to be to ride with me. My God and me Love all people . Thank You Howard!

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