Canada Offers Help To Israel And The Palestinians.

Canadian leaders went out of their way to dignify Arafat. They took Canadian tax dollars and lined Arafat's pockets with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Isn’t it a disgrace to know that all that was needed for a chance to have peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians was the death of Yasser Arafat?

The larger disgrace belongs to the world leadership and the Leftists who supported this toxic creature, while for decades he planned and oversaw the mass murder of Jews.

Arafat: The murderer and TERRORIST thug who was responsible for the desecration of humanity, and who stole his people blind could not have created the mayhem and genocide he was responsible for without the aid of the international community led by countries like Canada.

Yes Canada!

Canadian leaders went out of their way to dignify Arafat. They took Canadian tax dollars and lined Arafat’s pockets with hundreds of millions of dollars.

Canadian tax dollars bought school books for Palestinian children that taught them how evil Jews and Israel are. And how Israel isn’t really a country at all.

And when it came for anti-Israel support at the United Nations, Arafat always counted on Canada to vote to condemn Israel. Canada even signed the protocols of the September 2001 United Nations inspired and sanctioned Durban anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hate-a-thon; albeit with some reservations.

And now that this mass murderer is dead and gone, and a chance for peace is on the horizon, here’s Canada at the charge.

Canada’s Prime Minister Paul Martin couldn’t wait to send Pierre Pettigrew (Canada’s Minister for Foreign Affairs) to the Middle East to meet with Palestinian and Israeli leaders.

Canada will provide aid in the way of money, experience, and manpower to help ALL the Parties in their transition to peace.

I liked it better when Canada screwed Israel-over. At least then, it was not condescending.

The last thing Israel needs from Canada is a lesson in Democracy. In Israel, all citizens: Arabs, Christians, Moslems and Jews are treated equally. There is no Bill 101 in Israel that legally renders minorities as second class citizens as Canada allows the province of Quebec to do.

All Israelis get to vote directly for their members of the Knesset (Parliament) in a system of complete proportional representation, unlike Canada where the Prime Minister is literally king.

Israel has one of the strongest economies on this planet. And that’s with no natural resources of any kind, while being surrounded by neighbors whose only wish for Israel is death.

On a per capita basis; Israel celebrates the greatest number of Nobel Prize Laureates. Israel provides the finest public healthcare in the world. Proportionally to other national populations, Israel graduates more students and post grad students than virtually any other country in the world.

Israel is also responsible for high-tech products the world uses everyday. Every time you use your computer, cell phone or most other IC driven products, thank Israel. And when you’re sick and need medication, there’s a good chance that the drug you take will have an Israeli connection.

Canada is going to help Israel . . . How?

It offends me to no end that Canada thinks it can help Israel, as if Israel is a third-world nation in need of big brother guidance.

The truth be told; Canada could use some guidance from Israel in a lesson of national determination.

Canada can send MORE hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to the Palestinians, and more useless elitist tax-funded NGO’s to “help” the Palestinians. But for Canada to find any form of equivalence between a thug-state in waiting, and a fully functioning Democracy in a part of the world where Democracy is only a weird concept, is as insulting as it can get.

No Israeli Prime Minister needs a lesson in national leadership from anyone in Ottawa. Especially anyone from the Liberal Party of Canada.

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  1. Wow, what a great column. Gives me some hope for the future of mankind, amidst all the gloom and doom.
    Cheryl Nielsen

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