More Media Duplicity In The Middle East

It's interesting though, that a huge number of Palestinians couldn't care less to vote. But that was no big deal to the media.

The sin of omission is without question up there with the most reprehensible forms of yellow journalism.

I’ve been inundated with letters and links to stories from outraged individuals who are fuming at the lack of coverage given to Israel’s First Responders, who were on the ground and ready to help in South East Asia, even before the waters began to subside.

Ignoring Israel’s amazing contribution is reverse propaganda.

If there is no one in the forest to hear the tree fall, did it actually happen?

By ignoring the size, scope and monetary value of Israel’s contribution, the media ignores a truth that must be told.

What really makes the dearth of information of Israel’s efforts most galling, is that this is the same media that falls all over itself to report on anything that impacts upon Israel negatively.

The other Tsunami rescue and aid “non-story” is the initial decision by the Sri Lankan government to reject help from Israel.

There was so little reported on this, that one of my closer friends wanted more substantiation on Sri Lanka’s decision to shun aid from Israel, because he never heard of this before reading it at Galganov Dot Com.

I think this is too big a story for an honest media to ignore.

The Palestinians just elected a new President. And with his victory comes an avalanche of media accolades for Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen). But what the media failed to report about Abbas is:

1) Mahmoud Abbas, the so-called moderate Palestinian is a Holocaust Denier who wrote his doctoral thesis on the myth of the Holocaust while studying in a Moscow University.

2) Mahmoud Abbas was the Palestinian money-man behind the 1972 massacre of Israeli (Jewish) Olympians in Munich.

It should seem strange that none of this is ever reported by the media when speaking of Abbas. However; when speaking of Ariel Sharon, who has to participate in a REAL Democracy, he is always referred to by the press as a hardliner and architect of the settlements.

Worse! When the media is really on a roll, they’re quick to remind the world that Ariel Sharon was the man “responsible” for the slaughter of Palestinians in the so-called “refugee” camps Sabra and Shatila in Lebanon.

It makes no difference that the killings were at the hands of Phalangist Lebanese soldiers seeking revenge for their loved ones who were slaughtered at the hands of Arafat’s and Mahmoud Abbas’ PLO. Yet, Ariel Sharon gets the blame.

The Media are celebrating the great “Democratic” will of the Palestinian people who just elected their (2nd) President without violence.

It’s interesting though, that a huge number of Palestinians couldn’t care less to vote. But that was no big deal to the media.

I wonder what the media would have said if Republicans had taken out their M16 automatic assault rifles and shot into the air throughout the USA in celebration of Bush’s reelection? Do you think the media would have said nothing?

So why is it that the media said nothing when Palestinian thugs throughout the territories shot thousands of rounds into the air in celebration of the election of Mahmoud Abbas as if this is normal?

Yet, the media is absolutely convinced that there is a new day in the Middle East because of the “fantastic” exercise in Palestinian “Democracy”. And now it’s all up to Israel.

It seems to me, that by some miracle, the media believes that everything in the Middle East has changed overnight, and now Israel will be negotiating with the Democratic salt of the earth.

In fact; media aside, nothing has changed except for the election of one somewhat sophisticated old TERRORIST Abbas, for the dead and decaying other old somewhat less sophisticated TERRORIST Arafat.

If the media paid any honest attention to what Abbas was saying during his campaign in print and voice, they would have reported that he was the other half of the dead TERRORIST Arafat.

As a matter of fact; Abbas made certain to show his Arafat-side on all of his campaign posters.

He makes no secret of it. Only the media does.

Anyone who says that one must speak a lie to be a liar, doesn’t have any appreciation for liars who in their silence simply withhold the truth.

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  1. Howard and Anne,

    I can’t add anything to the words of the preceding comments. All of them express my feelings and sentiments. As I said to you before, you and Anne are the best of the best and am honored that I have the opportunity to receive and read your emails. It appears there are many others from all over the world that feel this way. Do what makes you the happiest, you and Anne are so deserving.

    Tom and Melanie Risk
    Mesa, Arizona

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