You Can’t Make Peace With A Leader Who Campaigns Against Peace.

Abbas has said that violence was not, and is not a good strategy against the Israelis. But he never said that killing Jews was somehow morally wrong.

Surprise – surprise! Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, aka two-faced Palestinian who received his PHD on his thesis declaring the Holocaust to be a hoax, won the Palestinian election even before the first vote was cast.

Abbas won the Presidential election of the Palestinian people who want it all. They want a Yasser Arafat and a negotiator. So Abbas gave them both.

To his Arab constituents, Abbas campaigned as the HARDLINER. He made it clear as to what he thinks of the “Zionist Entity”.

He’s already demanded the unconditional release of all Palestinians who are imprisoned by Israel regardless of their crime. Even murder.

Abbas will accept nothing less than to have the millions of so-called Palestinian “refugees” given the right to return to their homes, or the homes in Israel of their parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, or cousins.

And if a home in Israel never existed for them; no problem, they would just claim ownership of the land that was supposedly theirs or their families’ prior to 1948.

Abbas then goes on to tell the Israelis, that they don’t have the right to go after TERRORISTS, all of whom he refers to as freedom fighters. And he promises the Palestinian murderers and murderer wannabes that he will protect them.

Abbas has said that violence was not, and is not a good strategy against the Israelis. But he never said that killing Jews was somehow morally wrong.

And to remedy his problem with Palestinian killers and thugs, Abbas has invited them to serve in his new security apparatus.

And most of all, in his opinion: Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Palestinian people.

That’s how he speaks to the Palestinians.

To the West; Abbas simply says that he is a man of peace willing to negotiate with Israel.

If Abbas really does try to negotiate with Israel in good faith, he is a dead-man. You can’t promise “Philistines” the sun and the moon, and then tell them to settle for a few pebbles. Especially these “Philistines”.

And if he tries to pull an Arafat by playing word-games, the Israelis will simply give him the cold shoulder and continue building the security barrier, while they do their level best to bring TERRORIST Palestinian Arabs to justice or their graves.

Mahmoud Abbas is just one more Palestinian who will disappoint everyone and make things worse, not better.

Of that I’m certain. So for me, I hold no anticipation for peace coming from the Palestinians.

The brief history of the Palestinian people is replete with lies, delusion, corruption, and extreme violence.

You simply can not make peace with people who are not in the peace-making business, and have no concept whatsoever of the most basic of Democratic principles.

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  1. Thank you for always being the words to my thoughts and feelings. I am glad to hear you will continue to be the words for those of us who are not as verbally eloquent. I am praying for you and Anne to receive the answers you are seeking. Whatever your decision, know that we are just grateful to have your voice in our lives. God bless both of you.

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