My Unpopular Thoughts On The Tsunamis

This horror-story is not REALITY TV. It's the real thing that deserves far more respect than voyeurism for network and station ratings.

BILLIONS of dollars in pledges are flowing into the South East Asian Tsunami disaster zones. Every country wants to be seen as being a BIG GIVER, as if giving aid has become an auction to see who’s the most generous.

Let me tell you what counts. And it isn’t how much money is pledged. It’s in what is provided on the ground.

The kind of help the Americans are providing in food, fresh water, search, rescue, medical, and helicopter transport is critical. Just like the help Israel has been providing (literally) from day one of the disaster.

Historically, the BIG GIVERS are far too often nothing more than just BIG TALKERS. The money never comes. Just ask the Iranians who were promised more than $1.5 BILLION by the world last year when their earthquake simply devastated an entire geographical region.

The Iranians received about 5% of what was pledged.

The Thai’s have already said what they need. And what they specifically said they did NOT need was money. They need food, blankets, doctors and rescue workers.

The Indians said they don’t want anything. That they are a sovereign nation capable of taking care of themselves, who are not in need of charity.

Canada has a rapid disaster response team called “DART” (Disaster Assistance Response Team), which at the time of this writing is still sitting at home because Canada couldn’t decide how to respond to this nightmare.

When Canada finally woke to the enormity of this disaster, it realized it didn’t have the wherewithal to dispatch “DART”. No planes.

So instead of doing what HAD to be done WHEN it had to be done, Canada is trying to make up for its ineptitude by promising MORE MONEY. I think we’re now up to $80 million.

Who are we going to give the money to?

“DART” will be on its way sometime soon now, maybe even today, which would put them in just one of the disaster zones nearly two weeks after the Tsunamis hit. At this point, they might just be getting in the way.

What have the oil rich MOSLEM Arabs put on the table? The last I heard was NOTHING! No troops. No humanitarian aid. Not much cash either.

They did offer conspiracy theories published in some of the Arab Middle East’s most read newspapers though.

According to them: The Tsunamis were created by the secret testing of nuclear weapons placed on the bottom of the Indian Ocean by Israel and the USA. India was also mentioned. And Allah caused the Tsunamis because of the sexual debauchery of the area, especially in Thailand where everything sexual goes.

The fact that some 150,000 people have lost their lives, and millions of others have lost their homes, farms and livelihoods seem to mean nothing to the Arab oil rich gluttons who don’t know what to do next with their mega-BILLIONS of dollars.

It is interesting how the country that needs the aid most, Indonesia, with more than 300 million Moslem citizens has to turn to the Secular West for aid, while their Moslem buddies in the Arab Middle East blames either Allah ore the USA/Israel for the disaster. Therefore; no help.

And what about the oil rich African Moslem countries?

Now that I’ve said all of this, I must also say: ENOUGH ALREADY!

I don’t want to see any more putrefied bodies on every news broadcast on television.

I don’t want to hear or see any more grief or survivor stories.

I don’t want to see any more mud-flats where villages used to stand.

I don’t want to hear any more pleas for money or visuals of children selling lemonade on street corners to raise even more money for the victims of the Tsunamis.

I don’t want to see any more Western News Celebrities with their saddened faces broadcasting “live” from the “scene”.

This horror-story is not REALITY TV. It’s the real thing that deserves far more respect than voyeurism for network and station ratings.

Back to the money. Who’s getting it?

Doctors without borders have said they already have more money than what they need.

So of what need is there for billions of dollars?

If the money is to go for rebuilding the tourist areas and destroyed shanties, let their respective governments do it. Not ours.

As far as I’m concerned, instead of sending money that will probably not be used for the purpose it is intended; do what the Americans and Israelis are doing; send in people and useful items.

We should be helping the governments of the victims get over the hump. Help stabilize the bad situation and leave.

I’m hearing from the do-gooders that this area of South East Asia might need disaster relief for as much as 10 years. Give me a break! The last thing we need is yet another make-work project for the do-gooders and their bloated international agencies.

Meanwhile, Canada’s Prime Minister, Paul martin, who was so slow out of the starting gate with assistance, says that Canada will be in South East Asia for years if that’s what it takes, because “that’s the Canadian way”.

I guess he also meant to say that being a Johnny-Come-Lately is the Canadian way too.

In the meantime: no one, INCLUDING CANADA and Paul Martin says boo about the millions of victims in Sudan. The murdered, tortured, raped, dispossessed and starved.

Or how come we’ve heard so little about the accountability of the UN, France and Belgium for the murder of about 800,000 Rwandan Tutsis?

We seem to have forgotten about the “starving” Iraqi children the oil for food program was supposed to have helped, but instead, has helped Saddam Hussein and corrupt world leaders, their friends and families, all the way up to the top of the UN.

Nor is anyone saying anything about the hundreds of millions of Moslem women who are treated with less respect than farm animals, many of whom are routinely beaten and murdered for simple indiscretions – perceived or real.

And I don’t hear an international outcry with multi-BILLION dollar generosity to free the children enslaved as sex-toys in much of Africa, Asia and the Arab Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia.

Let’s stabilize the disaster areas and move on. Enough is enough.

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