Even When The Only Outstretched Hand Is Jewish

The fact that they were told thank you. But no thank you because they were Israel was even more extraordinary.

While the world was just beginning to absorb the enormity of the Tsunami, Israel was already mobilized with the kind of aid that is absolutely necessary.

There is no country on this planet that is better equipped to deal with huge disasters that include massive physical and psychological trauma than Israel. And no country on earth is as skilled in victim identification as is Israel.

The Tsunami disaster is heart wrenching. But, it does not change who these South East Asians are, and how much they despise Israel and Jews. And not just in Moslem South East Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia.

While it is true that there were quite a few Israelis vacationing in the affected region, it is equally true that Israel went above and beyond their obligation to their own citizens to bring in an enormous amount of aid to the region for everyone else.

It is quite extraordinary that while the rest of the world, including the USA was still pondering what had to be done, Israel was already there.

It is even more extraordinary that the Israelis were initially told thank you, but no thank you for their aid, simply because they were Israelis.

There is no question whatsoever about most of the world’s feelings towards Israel and Jews. The government(s) of the victims of the Tsunami initially chose that their people should suffer and die rather than accept help from the world’s only Jewish country.

If that does not say it all. Nothing else will.

Like usual, Israel did the right thing.

But it is mind boggling to imagine that even in the throes of the worst natural disaster in modern history, the suffering victims still found time to hate Jews.

There is a world of sadness coming out of this tragedy from every direction. Even from where it would be least expected.

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