Happy 2005

I wish a New Year of happiness to all the people who deserve it, and to everyone else, I wish they get what they deserve too.

We’re just about to roll the calendar into a new year.

And as I sit here writing my thoughts about what was the BIG STORY of 2004, the obvious answer is the Tsunami of South East Asia where more than 125,000 people lost their lives.

There were many other incredible news stories that could have made the top spot for the event of the year before this enormous tragedy. But this unprecedented destruction by nature’s hand is incomparable to anything else.

That said though, while the Tsunami was the most incredible event (tragedy) of 2004, it is not the most important story. Even as I write this, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia and India are getting back to normal.

Bars and hotels are once again open for business on the same beaches where death reigned just a day or so before. The “Thai Working Girls” are back at it, and the massive cleanup is in full force.

As horrible as the Tsunami was. As much as it will affect the lives of the people who were there. As much as it will scar the survivors and their close friends and relatives. This event will do absolutely nothing to change the world.

But other major events will change the world!

The reelection of George W Bush will change the world for generations to come. This is my vote for the News Story Of The Year.

The death of Yasser Arafat will change the entire dynamic of the Middle East.

The Middle Eastern Arabs will still hate Israel and Jews. And they will still live in their own world of thuggery. But there will no longer be Yasser Arafat to wrap the media around his little finger.

The Democratic election in Afghanistan is a huge story that has phenomenal implications for that entire region.

The Democratic election, and “forced” reelection in Ukraine will resonate throughout Eastern Europe and change the way Russia sees its influence.

These are but a few events of 2004 that will change the world like never before. The Tsunami isn’t one of them, any more than the series of Hurricanes that hit the Florida coast in succession.

They were horrible twists of nature. But they won’t change the world. Not even one iota.

I’m looking forward to 2005, as I look forward to every New Year. And as usual, I have made no resolutions that I must worry not to break, other than my ongoing resolve to continue living a moral caring life.

I wish a New Year of happiness to all the people who deserve it, and to everyone else, I wish they get what they deserve too.

With My Very Best Regards

Howard Galganov

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  1. Hi Howard
    Several years ago I suggested that you should get away from all the stress that you were dealing with, and I am very glad to see you have decided to slow down a little. You and Ann are still “KIDS” though :o) so enjoy your new lifestyle. I am 87 and still walk my dog Cuddles about 2 miles every day….sit down on park benches quite often must admit. Still drive….paint, practice my ukulele etc.
    Be happy……..always your friend…..Georgina

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