According To Abbas – It’s All About Palestine

The most outlandish comment from Abbas, centers on his perceived world importance of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

I was recently reading a campaign speech delivered by Palestinian leader-wannabe, Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen).

Mahmoud Abbas is a Holocaust denier who believes that the murder of 6 million Jews in Nazi Europe between 1939 and 1945 didn’t happen, and was all made up by an international Jewish conspiracy.

Abbas is considered a Palestinian “moderate”. Yet; he says peace can only be achieved when all Israelis go back to the original pre 1967 border.

When all Palestinians held in Israeli jails are released, including murderers of Jews.

When the millions of so-called “refugee” Palestinians, including their children and grandchildren are given their “Right To Return” to Israel proper.

And when East Jerusalem becomes the capital of Palestine.

Abbas also insists that the Israeli security barrier under construction must be taken down.

All of these conditions are considered “moderate” by Abbas and his Palestinian supporters. To me, it sounds like an awful lot of demands coming from a guy with nothing to offer in return.

The most outlandish comment from Abbas centers on his perceived world importance of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Talk about deluded people:

According to him, there can never be peace and stability in the world until the Palestinian/Israeli conflict is settled. I guess he thinks all of the other world horrors are much less significant.

I ask you these questions: What scares you more?

1) A bunch of poor, ignorant, disorganized, and unemployed Palestinians governed by a corrupt leadership?

2) A North Korean lunatic with his finger on the nuclear switch commanding an army of more than one million soldiers?

3) A vicious Islamic state (Iran) that is only seconds away from possessing nuclear warheads and the ballistic wherewithal to deliver them?

4) The globalizing spread of more than 1 BILLION Moslems determined to bury Secular Western Democratic values?

5) The burgeoning racial, cultural and religious wars raging between African nations that has the real risk of igniting a continental war, the likes of which we can not imagine?

6) The exploding cost of petroleum with the potential to throw the entire world into depression?

7) And last, but certainly not least: CHINA.

How is the impact of the world’s fastest growing economy, which happens to be exploding in the most populace tyranny on this planet, going to affect the entire global economy and balance of power?

And then there are other little concerns like:

A) Global warming?

B) Aids and other infectious diseases with the potential to kill hundreds of millions?

C) Worldwide hunger, poverty and ignorance?

D) Basic misogyny to outright brutality towards women?

E) The rapid global loss of forests, watersheds, plant-life, and animals?

Which of these issues do you think are less important then the demands of the Palestinians?

Not that hard a question is it?

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