What’s A Little Genocide When Discussing Billions?

As Paul Martin was saying goodbye to his brand new Arab, Islamist, African buddy, Montreal's SNC Lavalin announced a BILLION dollar contract with Libya.

It bothered me that Canada’s Prime Minister, Paul Martin, visited with Libyan dictator Muamar Ghaddafi.

Whether or not Ghaddafi was a despot, a war monger and a sponsor of international TERRORISM is indisputable. He was all of that and more!

Whether he still is, in my opinion, is pretty much indisputable as well.

Once a leopard . . . Always a leopard.

So, why would Canada’s Prime Minister go to Libya to play nice with a guy who is anything but nice?

Why would he bother to sully his hands shaking the hands of a mass murderer?


It’s all about money.

Since Ghaddafi has become a “repentant” tyrant, and a “born-again” human being, many within the West are beating a track to his door looking for lucrative contracts in and around his massive oil industry. Canada is no exception.

As Paul Martin was saying goodbye to his brand new Arab, Islamist, African buddy, Montreal’s SNC Lavalin announced a BILLION dollar contract with Libya.

How utterly coincidental.

Could it possibly be, that for SNC Lavalin to win the Libyan contract, a photo opportunity with Canada’s Prime minister was part of the deal? The Libyan murderer really needs an image make-over. And what could be better than a warm embrace from a Canadian Prime Minister? Everyone loves Canadians right? Especially in the Middle East and Africa.

For those of you who don’t know who or what SNC Lavalin is; they are Canada’s version of US construction giant Halliburton, and one of Canada’s most successful companies which makes a lot of money, and very little noise.

I don’t begrudge SNC Lavalin the contract or the income. But I don’t like that our Prime Minister went out of his way to show this horrible excuse (Ghaddafi) for a human being any level of respect and credibility.

This relationship with Ghaddafi smacks of Canada’s past involvement with Sudan and their oil industry.

Here’s Canada; the self-declared conscience of the world, which routinely voted at the UN against Israel, and demeans the USA at home and abroad, which has no problem sucking up to a “once upon a time” purveyor of genocide.

It’s not right. Just like it wasn’t right when Canada helped the Sudanese Arab Moslems murder Sudanese Christians and Black Sudanese Moslems in their support of Canadian owned Talisman Oil.

As I’ve written many times before, Canada has become an embarrassment.

Where before the 1960’s, Canada stood for important principles like Freedom and Democracy, Canada now stands for making money with horrible people and selling out our friends.

A good part of this policy shift can be accredited to Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his subsequent Liberal heirs of power.

Making nice with a despicable human being like Ghaddafi, is no way to end one year, and start another.

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  1. Hi Howard and Ann all you said are the things we experienced. In 2003 we moved from California to Arizona and love it here. It is a state that is enjoyable and Lake Havasu is beautiful. The cost of living is lower than other states and the SPENDERS are under control. Like most places people run to we have a few who come and try to put the things that they ran from in place people are much same in every country a bit sad but they are the keys to heaven. Snow birds here 5 mos a year to thaw out.

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