George W Bush – News Maker Of The Year

For a war that has gone so wrong in the minds of America's Left, it seems to have turned into a political and social miracle.

I’m amazed at the number of Americans who simply can’t accept the Democratic outcome of this past Presidential election.

To hear it from many of them, you’d expect that more than half of the people who voted, voted for the essence of evil by voting for George W Bush.

If the American Left disliked the TERRORISTS, Islamists, United Nations and the anti-American Europeans half as much as they hate Bush, perhaps there would be more common-cause in the USA.

To hear it from the Left, Bush is akin to many of the human monsters (past and present) who’ve walked the path of mankind.

According to Leftist hysteria, Bush will kill old age insurance, keep Americans from receiving healthcare, and replace American Democracy with a Theocracy.

Not to mention: plunge the entire planet into World War Three.

So far, after 4 years of George W Bush, Social Security is no worse off than it was before he became the President. As a matter of fact, If George W Bush sticks to the Social Security status-quo favored by the Left, it will implode on its own mass and go bankrupt.

Healthcare in the United States was a disaster before George W Bush became President. It is no more a disaster now because of him, but at least he’s making a concerted effort to reform the BILLION dollar malpractice industry which will allow doctors and hospitals to charge less to their patients.

The Leftists SCREAM about America’s insensitivities to the “Third World” and support the UN’s claim that the USA must GIVE more to help those populations. But, when George W Bush does not impede the “export” of some American jobs to these countries, the Left goes wild.

It seems to me that the Left want to create “Third World Welfare States”, opposed to countries that can earn their own money.

The Leftists also ignore the fact that George W Bush was singularly responsible for the decision to create a Democracy in Afghanistan, while at the same time, because of him, Afghanistani women were finally released from a life of absolute hell.

All we’ve heard from the Left was how impossible it was for America to drive out the Taliban and beat the Al Qaeda TERRORISTS. Quagmire and Vietnam they screamed!

And when things were looking good for the forces of Democracy in Afghanistan during the winter military drive, the Left were shouting how the Afghanistani people were going to freeze to death. And in the summer, they were going to starve to death. None of which happened.

The Left have never acknowledged the enormous transition in Afghanistan. Whether Democracy is there to stay or not, is something only time will tell. But at least George W Bush brought Democracy to a region where it was never in existence.

Everyone from the Left decried the war in Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein, just like they did against the American initiative in Afghanistan. And just like they were wrong in Afghanistan, they’re wrong in Iraq too.

In a bit more than a month, Iraq will be going to the polls to elect the Arab World’s first Democratic government. But instead of celebrating this unbelievable accomplishment, the Left can only criticize.

Not enough troops. Not enough armored vehicles. Not enough allies. No support from France, Germany, Russia or the UN. No preparation for what happens after military victory. Too much money for Haliburton. Not enough money for infrastructure. Blah, blah, blah.

For a war that has gone so wrong in the minds of America’s Left, it seems to have turned into a political and social miracle.

The Left hated the fact that George W Bush would have nothing to do with the murderous Egyptian born thief, liar, torturer, TERRORIST and all around thug.

Of course I’m referring to Yasser Arafat, the darling of the Left, the UN and the Thugocracies of the “Third World”. And now that he’s dead and gone, guess whose going out of their way to make peace with Israel?

If you’ve guessed the Palestinians, you’ve won the right not to be called a Leftist.

For a straight-talking Texan who says what he means and means what he says, the entire Democratic Party is taking a very serious look at how they do politics in America. Even Hillary Clinton is saying they have to move more to the Right.

How can this guy who mumbles when he speaks, has problems finishing sentences, mispronounces some words, and gets other words completely wrong have done so much to change the world in less than 4 short years; and then win an impressive second term simply by standing on his record?

It sort of makes this very worldly and sophisticated John Kerry look a little dumb, no? After all is said and done, how could someone the Left thought was so stupid, beat someone they thought was so brilliant?

George W Bush is without question the most active President in my memory. He’s spreading peace and Democracy all over the world. He’s realigning the world order by making Democracies more important than the failed UN. And he’s brought clarity back to government.

Did I forget to mention that he’s also going to overhaul the American system of taxation?

Who but George W Bush would have the gonads to walk into the hornet’s nest of the IRS?

To my friends of the political Left; like it or not, George W Bush will go down in history as one of the great Presidents to have occupied the residence and offices of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

If things continue to move in the direction he’s pointed them, the whole world will be better off for it.

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