Would Canada’s Prime Minister Shake Hands With Charles Manson?

Is Ghaddafi moving his totalitarian government where murder and torture are a part of Libya's everyday life towards democracy?

Canada’s Prime Minister is happily on his way to a meeting with Muamar Ghaddafi, Libya’s “reformed” leader who Martin thinks is a new man.

Does Martin think this new Ghaddafi has repented for the murder of hundreds of innocent air travelers over Lockerbie?

Does he think Ghaddafi feels remorse over the tens of thousands whose deaths and torture he oversaw in Africa and the Middle East?

And is Ghaddafi moving his totalitarian government where murder and torture are a part of Libya’s everyday life towards democracy?

Ghaddafi is a thug, a tyrant and a murderer. And nothing Canada’s Prime Minister Paul Martin could possibly say will change any of that.

Nonetheless, Martin is looking forward to his meeting with a criminal whose hands are dripping red with the blood of humanity.

I find it interesting how Canada’s Prime Minister can so easily lecture the Americans on what he perceives is right and wrong on the world scene, and then make a public spectacle of shaking hands with the Libyan monster.

Perhaps Paul Martin could find some additional time during this “working vacation” to visit with some other “reformed” tyrants.

I’m certain every dictator with blood on his hands would like nothing more than to be seen rubbing shoulders with the likes of a Canadian Prime Minister.

In Canada, Muamar Ghaddafi would be behind bars for his natural life for just a fraction of the horrors he’s committed. But that doesn’t seem to bother Paul Martin.

Paul Martin does not make Canada look good.

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  1. I am not surprised with your decision to downsize, we are wrestling with exactly the same things. When we visited you and Anne we were amazed at the amount of work you had done and how much effort and energy it took to maintain. We’re the same age and I don’t know if we have the stamina and tenacity to do what you do on a daily basis. We wish both of you ( and Stryker) well in your future endeavors and hope that you stay in Canada. We’re a better and stronger country with you here.

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