How Does Canada Treat It’s Best Friend?

I really hope the US economy stays relatively strong, for their sake and ours.

Canada’s Prime Minister Paul Martin is on record as saying:

We will probably participate in the North American Missile Defense Shield. But we won’t spend any money doing it. We won’t allow any missiles to be based in Canada. And we want full input.

That’s like me telling Paul Martin that:

I will probably accept participation in Canada’s social safety net on the receiving side. I won’t give one tax dollar towards it. But I want full input on how its managed.

Welcome to Canada.

This is the same Prime Minister who said he wants a better relationship with the Americans. I wonder what his concept is, of the meaning of the word better.

Canada didn’t support the USA at the UN when the Americans were doing their best to force the United Nations to implement its own resolutions against Iraq.

Canada’s Ambassador to the US (Chretien’s nephew) actively worked against the first election of George W Bush.

Prime Minister Jean Chretien wouldn’t fire his Communication Director (Francine Ducros) who publicly called Bush a “Moron”.

Nor would Chretien kick Carolyn Parrish out of his Liberal caucus for publicly saying how much she hates the Americans; calling them Bastards.

And neither would Paul Martin kick her out when he became Prime Minister, even after she stomped on a George W Bush doll as part of a CBC television skit.

He finally booted her out of the Liberal caucus when she said disparaging things about him. Now that’s priorities.

I wonder if filthy-rich Paul Martin, whose company, Canada Steamship Lines, earned approximately a quarter of BILLION dollars from Canadian government contracts while he was Canada’s Finance Minister, understands that virtually every penny Canada earns in our trade surplus comes form the USA?

If Paul Martin isn’t aware of this “little” fact, someone should clue him in. And if he is aware of the REALITY that Canada’s total economic present and future rests solely in the hands of our American neighbors – someone should send him off for psychiatric analysis.

Only an idiot would tell our ONLY financial benefactor to more or less take a hike.

It’s a great pity that Canada has devolved to a level where the best we can have leading us is a fool without enough smarts to see who’s buttering Canada’s bread.

I really hope the US economy stays relatively strong, for their sake and ours.

If the American economy starts to tank, and they start to circle the wagons, guess which country besides France won’t be in that circle?

If the Americans shut us out, we should get used to eating more of our Canadian beef which they now ban from their imports, and watch our softwood forests grow, since our lumber is no longer welcome in the USA.

And if they “really” get pissed – we better hope Europe and Asia want to make their cars in Ontario to replace the multi-billion dollar US industry that just might want to pick up their spanners and go home.

If I treated my customers the way our Prime Ministers treat the USA, I’d be very interested in those social programs I just wrote about in the preceding paragraphs.

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