The Canadian Television News Propaganda Machines

According to the CBC report, this American is NOT an American Military Deserter. He's a "War Deserter".

The Canadian Television Media is in real need of competition, and in the New Year (2005), they’ll get it in the name of FOX.

I watched CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 6:00 o’clock evening National News Last night (December 6, 2004), which covered a myriad of local (Canadian) and a few international stories.

I watch CBC, not to be informed, as much as to see how they distort the news.

And I’m rarely disappointed.

In one of their last segments, CBC spoke about the American deserter who has made his case to Canada’s Immigration Department for “refugee status”, because he refused to fight in what he considers an “illegal” war.

Since the real issue in this editorial is the CBC, I won’t spend any time on the merits of his argument, other than to say he’s full of crap, and should be shipped off to the USA.

According to the CBC report, this American is NOT an American Military Deserter. He’s a “War Deserter”.

What the hell is a “WAR DESERTER”?

One does not desert a war. Soldiers desert from their Army. They desert from their Navy, their Air Force and the Marines. But one can never desert a war. You can even desert a spouse, a child and a home. But not a war.

Unless of course it’s the CBC reporting, which wants people to think of this coward as a deserter from an “illegal” war, opposed to being a deserter from his voluntary service of his country.

To finish off the one-sided US report; the CBC had its anti-American and anti-Israel big gun, Neil MacDonald report on the attack against the US Consulate (yesterday) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, that saw 9 people murdered plus three of the murderers.

The CBC described the (Arab) murderers as “militants”.

And to put the cherry on top of the whipped-cream, according to Neil MacDonald, the attack on the US Consulate was tied to Israel and its relationship with the Palestinians.

So there you have it. It was Israel’s fault!

To Neil MacDonald and the CBC, the USA was attacked in Saudi Arabia by nondescript “militants” who killed 5 non American Consulate employees and 4 non American security guards. Three of the “militants” were killed. One was captured.

And if it wasn’t for those pesky Israelis, none of this would have happened.

But CBC isn’t the only National Canadian Broadcaster which slants and distorts the news.

On the CTV 11:00 o’clock evening National News; also last night, they too reported on the US Consulate attack in Jeddah.

And they too called the attackers and murderers of people who worked for the American government, on what was American soil in Saudi Arabia: “militants”.

But only seconds after this broadcast segment, CTV covered the bombings in Spain, where no one was hurt, and warning calls were made in advance by the bombers to keep people from being hurt.

To CTV, these Spanish “benevolent” bombers were TERRORISTS, while the murderers of innocent non military people in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia were “militants”.

At least CTV didn’t find some way to blame Israel for the bombings in Spain.

In a few weeks, FOX News Network will be available in Canada. And if FOX’s popularity in the USA is any indication; CBC and CTV beware.

Remarkably; there are a great many people (not necessarily just Conservatives) who want objective, honest and balanced news reporting. And even more perhaps who are as fed-up with US-bashing as I am.

Just because someone is not a Conservative, doesn’t mean that he or she wants dishonest and slanted news, since news that isn’t honest and balanced is only propaganda.

This is what the CBC and CTV will find out soon enough.

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