What To Do To Rid Ourselves Of Islamists And Middle Eastern Arabs.

Can we believe a leopard can ever change its spots?


Do I still support George W Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, strip them of their military prowess and remove Saddam Hussein from power?


Do I want the American and Coalition troops to remain in Iraq?

As much as I want them all out of there. I see no way for them to leave, knowing that the Iranians and Syrians will be in there like maggots to a dung heap once the US pulls out.


If they don’t sell the oil, what will they do with it? And on what will they live?

Maybe it would be better for the West to leave as far as the Kurdish area in the North where most of the oil is anyway, and let the Shiites and Sunnis destroy each other, while the West supports “friendly insurgents” to overthrow the thugs.

Do I think the Iraqis are worth the effort, financial cost, blood, wounded and dead American and Coalition partners?


All the Iraqis combined aren’t worth a single drop of American and Coalition blood.

Are the Middle Eastern Arabs redeemable?

Can we believe a leopard can ever change its spots? That’s how redeemable I think most of the Middle East Arabs and Islamists are.

Up until the other day; the Israelis, Americans and Europeans believed the election of Mahmoud Abbas as President of the Palestinian Authority would somehow lead to a real peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

But that was the other day. Today is a different day.

Marwan Barghouti, the jailed Palestinian leader who launched the 2000 Intifada that murdered more than a thousand Israelis, maimed and wounded thousands more, orphaned thousands of Israeli children, widowed hundreds of Israeli men and women, and sent hundreds of Israeli children to their graves and hospitals, has thrown his hat into the ring to win the Presidency of the Palestinian people.

And he might even win. Because that’s the sickness of the Palestinian Arabs.

Barghouti is serving 5 life sentences for murderer. But insists he’s innocent, because no one died by his own hand.

In his own way, Barghouti is as “innocent” of murder and genocide as Arafat was. Too chicken-shit to do the dirty work himself. But “brave” enough to have others do it for him.

Where there is a speck of hope amongst the Middle East Arabs and Islamists: there will be many to crush the speck into oblivion.

Where there is a chance for peace held in the hands of Middle East Arabs and Islamists: there will be nothing but mayhem.

Where a bright future beckons Middle East Arabs and Islamists to a better way of life: the past is like a black-hole that sucks the light out of their existence.

Where there could be joy in the lives of Middle East Arabs and Islamists: there will always be misery.

This is the world of the Middle East Arabs and Islamists. And no amount of goodwill and sacrifice from the Democratic Secular West, including Democratic and Secular Israel, will ever make a difference.

Where everyone is in search of a solution that always comes back to: what can Israel and the West do to be more accommodating? I have a different spin.

Israel’s idea to build a “wall” to separate themselves from their Arab enemy is the right idea, but far too limited.

Part of what has made the USA great, is their incomparable ability to think big.

So let’s think big.


A “wall” so big that it wraps itself around all the Gulf States, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. And if the Egyptians and Jordanians have a problem with that . . . Around them too.

And then we could run the “wall” around Islamic Africa and Asia. Especially around Pakistan.

To complete the SECURITY WALL; there needs to be some aggressive construction in New York City around what Dore Gold calls The Tower of Babble; better known to you and me as the United Nations.

And then there would be a solution to the Arab Middle East and Islamists everywhere.


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  1. Best of luck on your next step of life for you both,I look forward to continue reading your thoughts & words. Your comments about your first job & contributing to family expenses reminded me of my dad,he sent home all his army pay minus cigarette money during WW1 to help care for all his many siblings & parents.I too have recently relocated at 66 years old to be closer to children & grandchildren in Kingston

    Mary Bray, Kingston,ON

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