Hey Hey – Ho Ho – Judy Sgro Has Got To Go!

Canada has a shortage of exotic dancers. Therefore; all we're doing is filling a need.

To my many non Canadian readers, here’s an amusing, but not so funny story about Canada’s government.

Throughout the passage of time, Canada’s successive Prime Ministers have appointed some real schmucks to sit in Cabinet.

Our Prime Minister’s Cabinet choices are not based upon expertise, although that occasionally happens (seemingly by mistake).

Instead, our Prime Ministers use Cabinet postings to reward good political Party warriors from within the ranks of elected Party Members to the House of Commons.

Therefore; we mostly get the crap we so richly deserve.

This brings me to Judy Sgro, Canada’s current Minister for Immigration. She’s reduced the level of Ministerial competence to a low beyond what most could have imagined.

In Canada, the Minister of Immigration can use her (or his) “Ministerial Privilege” to fast-track the entry of an immigrant into the country.

This is mostly done in cases of extreme need, and generally at the request of a Member of Parliament.

But in Judy Sgro’s case, it seems that the route to fast-tracking immigrants is based upon how willing the immigrant is to take off her clothes and enter Canada’s seedy sex market.

I kid you not.

As it turns out, a stripper who wanted to become a Landed Canadian Immigrant, got fast-tracked because she worked for Sgro’s election campaign. That in itself might not sound too bad, but this stripper was only the tip of the iceberg.

Sgro has been fast-tracking the immigration status of strippers for at least one thug who runs several Canadian sex clubs. And to make matters worse, her top department lieutenants visited the club(s) to help speed things along.

And more than that; her department (possibly herself or at her urging) threatened an NDP (Socialist) Member of Parliament to keep his mouth shut concerning this decrepit policy, or he would never be able to fast-track an immigrant claim for one of his constituents.

When asked for an explanation for all of this in Parliament from the opposition: the response from Sgro and her office was classic:

Canada has a shortage of exotic dancers. Therefore; all we’re doing is filling a need.

I guess Canada doesn’t have a shortage or need of doctors, nurses and other professionals who have to wait their turn to get into our country.

After-all, how can one compare the potential contribution of a doctor to a broad with a great set of tits and an ass that won’t stop?

That’s what Judy Sgro is actually saying.

The other side of this coin is even more horrific.

The women who are “imported” into Canada (and other countries) for the sex trade are generally forced into prostitution, where they are almost always beaten, and absolutely always abused.

I can think of no other industry in the world that is more vile and vulgar than the sex trade. Yet; Judy Sgro seems to be Ottawa’s champion of female degradation and moral slavery.

More remarkable than the spotlight shining on Judy Sgro’s filthy little secret, is the Prime Minister’s (Paul Martin) defense of her actions.

President Bush was in Canada yesterday, on sort of a State Visit. I hope that after shaking hands with Paul Martin; George W thoroughly washed his hands with a bacterial soap. Because, if Martin supports Sgro instead of firing her, he’s got to be as dirty as she is.

And I sure wouldn’t want any of Paul Martin’s residue left on my skin if I was the President.

We’ve (Canadians) had no shortage of schmucks, thieves and liars in Canada’s many Cabinets. But Judy Sgro has got to be topping the list. I’m virtually positive that she’s the first PIMP to ever sit as a Minister of the Crown.

I wonder how much Sgro would charge to let us have a peek at her tits and ass? But somehow, I think any amount would be too much. Better she should leave her clothes on and give us all a break. She’s done quite enough already.

Since the writing of this editorial, the Canadian Government has been so humiliated, deservedly so, that they’ve canceled their policy of granting work visas to strippers.

But that’s not enough.

Judy Sgro has got to go, just for being a plain-old stupid idiot.

Surely, even us pathetic Canadians warrant better than her.

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